Gamespot: The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Impressions - New Graphics, New Music, Plus A History Lesson

Andrew Park Writes:

The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition is the newly announced remake of the original classic point-and-click adventure game that graced computers nearly 20 years ago. The original game set itself apart with its goofy and irreverent sense of humor (you played as a wannabe pirate named Guybrush Threepwood, and engaged in such manly pursuits as "insult swordfighting") and earned itself a devoted fan following and many sequels. Then, for a long time, nothing happened. But now, LucasArts is reviving the classic game with an all-new facelift that includes completely revamped, high-resolution hand-painted art, a brand-new music score, and full-speech voice acting provided by the actors who originally voiced the characters in the original series.

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