PCWorld-Microsoft's No-Controller "Natal" Steals the Show

PCWorld: Think, in short, about a system that gets to know you from every angle, eerie as that sounds...and inevitable as it's always been.

Will it deliver the experience the demos seemed to promise? Wait and see. For now, Microsoft's just enjoying the buzz, and for a change, deservedly so.

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Gamertags3476d ago

Without a doubt, the industry is talking about the megaton bomb that MS dropped at the E3. No one could imagine to the extent that MS was going to go to for their gamers. The technology is light years ahead of anything anyone has seen.

It is a revolution in gaming and the world is paying attention.

All the hands on previews are unreal! This technology works and it is incredible!

I can't wait!

really duh3476d ago

Its too bad only the *this is better* or *this fails* posts will heat up enough.

badkolo3476d ago

I love natal, if done right could change gaming forever.

its not an eyetoy copy just like natal isnt a copy of the wii dongle, neither is sony's a copy of the wii or natal, all while similar are still different in thier own respect, but i would prefer to use natal, plus besides gaming and recognizing your movements I like the way it controls the system, come into the room and it knows you r there, it turns on, it can do voice control and all that. i like it alot.

MS stole the show even though i was impressed with gt5, god of war3 and uncharted nothing else really was worth mentioning, im not into psp so that was useless to me but microsoft was solid with games from begining to end, even thought the first 13 minutes with the beatles game was the most boring thing ever, also the way sony copied ms by saying we will get into the games and forgo getting into the numbers and graph((that was stolen from ms's conference.

BUT most imortant of all natal was the icing on the cake becuase you know its special and sony while they had a good show didnt mention when these games are coming, so most will be 2010 meaning 2008 wasnt sony's year neither was 2009 but in 2010 it will be??

BUT this is why sony failed in the long run.

1. no price drop which means ms has it easy for another 6 months. bad decision
2. no mention of anyting new for PSN to counter everything MS showed off for live and then to not even show anything to lead us to beleave the ps3 will have cross chat cross join,invite.