Miyamoto Addresses Zelda's E3 Absence

The legendary Nintendo designer confirmed that a new Zelda for consoles is still on the way and complimented my ridiculous pitch for a new Zelda game.

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TheColbertinator3428d ago

We all knew this but I'm glad its on his mind for 2010

Shnazzyone3428d ago

not ready yet. I respect that. I'd rather have a good zelda game then a rushed zelda game to satisfy everything. Third parties are showing on wii. We should be good until the next one... wish we could have seen some aspect of their new concepts but until then... we still got galaxy 2 and metroid.. should be good for a while.

LeGenDx3428d ago

ill buy a wii just for zelda

qface643428d ago

before you know it your gonna find yourself buying other games and getting a collection going

i bought ps3 for mgs4 and i grew a collection for it same for the 360 bought it for gears now i have a small collection

LeGenDx3428d ago

i got 32 ps3 games 150 ps3 games 25 psp games 50 ps1 games 10 pc games

is that a good collection? =D

bjornbear3427d ago

.....plz bring us a zelda =(...please...a good one too =(

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