Welcome, Home

The story behind Sony's work to build a new virtual Home for gamers – and how developers can contribute. The overall positive response to Home, Sony's new 3D virtual world front-end for the PS, at last month's GDC must come as something of a relief to the SCEE.

The result of two years' hard work and secret investigations into online experiences, it is a project whose foundations have been carefully built to not only withstand the inevitable upswing in PlayStation 3 users (the machine already has over 2m owners around the globe), but remain flexible enough to cope with ongoing changes and added content and input from third party developers and publishers.

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Bigmac5734273d ago

One of the things I'm looking forward to in 2007. Right up there with MGS4, Heavenly, Warhawk.

bigmack4272d ago

I cant wait for it too. This is going to be a great network

TetraNinja4272d ago

After watching the home demo presentation i was blown away about the network. Its what finally put me over the edge in investing in a ps3.

CAPS LOCK4272d ago

cool, i think the best thing for me is seeing characters in development and we can give feedback to the devs. this would be cool like in mortal kombat where we could ask for a new type of fighting character and we can tell the devs to make the character bigger or smaller and give the our opinions on finishers.

kamakazi4272d ago

assuming they put in finishers in the next MK game, why oh why did take out the fatalities in MK armageddon :(

kangolar1024272d ago

this is going to be amazing.
i love my playstation 3 =]