Uncharted 2 Multiplayer beta Live stream HQ

A live stream of the multiplayer beta Uncharted 2 is available for your eyes to feast upon if you were not lucky enough to get a code.

(like myself)

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WildArmed3424d ago

Sony's jewel!

Can't wait till its done d/ling.

villevalorox3424d ago

I just wish I had it :( I really want it, !!!!!

BrunoM3424d ago

Yep it is up and im downloading it right now ..

oo and G.A.P menber get in the beta for free check ur e-mails i already got my code ..

its first come first serve it will only last a few hours check ur e-mail..

eyeDEVOUR3424d ago

hell yeah...its like socom with tombraider acrobatics.....but i think that seeing an enemy indicator is pretty cheap....