Peter Molyneux to announce something tomorrow

Molyneux just twittered, "Just finished the first day of the show but tmw is another anouncement"

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GiantEnemyCrab3426d ago

The announcements just keep coming. Last year after the conference there was nothing but looks like they have stuff planned to announce all week.

Love it!

KaBaW3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Awesome. This is one of the people I was looking forward to hearing from.
I was hoping to hear from Rare and [more from] Lionhead.

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el zorro3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Milo was awesome and I think Molyneux is brilliant. I was wondering if Lionhead was going to have anything else to announce. It is going to be great.

RememberThe3573425d ago

I want to see him do something cool with that camera.

maxcer3425d ago

im still waiting on Rare to announce more stuff, i mean damn, 200 person dev team and all they showed was perfectdark XBLA?

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-MD-3426d ago

I wonder if Rare still has a chance of showing up then...

lord_of_balrogs3426d ago

Hopefully it's a game and not some milo crap.

Mo0eY3425d ago

It will be a new game called Otis.

Milo and Otis, the wave of the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.