Sony and Microsoft struggle to catch up to Nintendo

MercuryNews writes:

"It took awhile, but Microsoft and Sony seem to have finally recognized that Nintendo is their real threat in the video game business, not each other."

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arsenal553429d ago


lol they made the wiimote look last gen during this e3

WildArmed3429d ago

I dont think so.
Dey both outdid the wii..

FinalomegaS3429d ago

Let's see how well the dev can use motion+ then talk, don't try and make it look like they did something right with no games/playable demo. red steel will be M+ only and the new zelda (check ign for that).

Nintendo wiimote/m+ will be mandatory , the 2 others will be add on.

I will like to play everything new, but i don't like giving credit that aren't proven. I've seen many crappy wii motion games, and it's getting better and from all the hands on with M+ it seems they've fix what was broken.

Brasi823429d ago

While Sony and Microsoft have both realized that Motion Control or more virtual activity with the games is going to be key they are still a step behind Nintendo. Nintendo's Motion Plus does exactly what Sony's motion device does, while Microsoft's seems more like the original Eye Toy in which the activity was good but the lack of buttons was its ultimate downfall. As it stands the Wii is still #1 in terms of sales and they still have the "1 up" on Sony and Microsoft on the motion control department. Saying that Microsoft and Sony outdid Nintendo is a completely false statement. Nintendo's Motion Plus releases this month while Microsoft's and Sony's are to be scheduled in the future.

rmedtx8883429d ago

Both MS and Sony showed way better technology than what the Wii has right now.

Gr813429d ago

So, motion controls are no longer a gimmick?

fear883429d ago

They sold you at 2005 on an idea. Not the successful execution of said idea. Again the Wii back in 2005 and after was nothing but hype and marketing, no substance. THAT is why core gamers rejected the console because they in fact did try it out but it did not perform to the "promise" of true motion capability.

Gr813429d ago

And what would you call what Sony and M$ presented?

fear883429d ago

The fact is that Nintendo did not at all tell the consumer their product works or not. They just showed scripted videos and wowed everyone by how impossibly simple the videos made everything. But the reality was that it took Nintendo 3 years after the release of the Wii to make something that supposedly works with 1:1 motion. Yet it still does not work with games like Red Steel 2.

Fact is that the core audience did try it and found out the hard way the Wii is broken in execution.

Yet it takes a Sony tech demos first appearance to nail it the very first time and actually make it less of a gimmick with the perfect execution in hardcore games that would demand such things as accurate 1:1 motion and complex algorithms in movement.

Tell me, why did Wii sports, seem like a shallow game compared to the accuracy of Sony's tech demo?

Maybe that should help you in your steep difficulty of defining a gimmick.

Gr813429d ago

Your attempt at being intelligent is amusing.

Brasi823429d ago

I would have to agree with Airus Dion. You cannot say that the Wii is a gimmick but the other motion controllers aren't. Sony's Motion Controller is a 1:1 Ratio as well as Nintendo's Motion Plus. You cannot say that one is better than the other when they have the same innards. That would be like me taking my PS3 and slapping UB3R 1000 on it and saying that it is better. It doesn't, it does the same thing as the other. Sony has just instead started with 1:1 Ratio while Nintendo first tested the Motion Control in the market, then after its success created an add-on to make it 1:1 as well. The only difference I see is that Nintendo's 1:1 Motion Control will be released this month, however the Sony 1:1 Motion Control will most likely not be released this year and may very well fall into next years Q4. Nintendo introduced and will be the first to release a true 1:1 ratio motion control on a console before the other companies were even thinking of doing so.

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