PSP Price Cut In Europe? No Word

That tidy PSP price cut that the US is seeing won't be making the jump across the pond anytime soon. Gamesindustry asked SCEE about it, and got:

"We have no announcements to make about the PSP in the European market at this time."

Shame. Because, really, you should have one. It should be along the lines of "hey, we just dropped the price of the PSP in Europe by 15 quid/20 Euro".

Can't remember the last time Sony were so quiet. Maybe they're all on holiday. Or...maybe they're too busy conjuring up announcements related to something else.

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Robotz Rule4277d ago

It would help them a whole lot if they price cut the PSP in nearly each and every country,since they are way behind in sales compared to the less-expensive,game pumping DS.

CyberSentinel4277d ago

I guess ..."they have your best interests in mind".

Blind Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

dilibau4276d ago

Howard Stinger is British but that doesn't seem to count for Sony...Here in Europe we have been forgotten by Sony many times (including the stripped down, delayed and more expensive arrival of the PS3). I simply love the PSP and I have always congratulated Sony for what they've come up with, but seeing this news makes me feel sick... I am not a fanboy, but I have to agree with one comment on Kotaku:
Europe: Sony we love you!
Sony: F**k you Europe...