Miyamoto wants to announce Zelda Wii next year, more

Zelda was absent from this year's E3 event, but Shigeru Miyamoto has just revealed art for the next game and more.

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knox3426d ago

holy crap...that sounds amazing.

SinnedNogara3426d ago

I was kinda dissapointed that Zelda (or Star Fox, or Pikmin) wasn't shown. Now I have to wait another year before I see it.

Shame that I never saw Pikmin 3. Or will be able to play another Zelda game until late 2010. At this point I am fearful that the new Zelda game will be ported to Nintendo's next system like TP was.

qface643426d ago

they would probably just show pikmin in the fall conference they are going to have

Torkith3426d ago

I thought Nintendo had a good E3, I was a little sad to see no Zelda, Star Fox, F-Zero, Pikmin, ect. We got to see Metroid which was really cool. I gotta say though, they whored out Mario this year. 4 Games? Jeez, they all look fun in there own aspects but geez.

TheColbertinator3426d ago

I have Mario this year along with The Conduit.Thats all I need.Thank you Sega,High Voltage,and Nintendo.

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