Crackdown 2: Has It Mutated Too Much?


"After all the mammoth trailers and new exclusive games that Microsoft laid on the table for everyone at the Keynote, Crackdown 2 by Ruffian Studios may seem an odd choice for 'game that stood out' as it's a sequel being made by another developer.

Yet it really did grab my attention. But was it for the right reasons…"

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gaminoz3424d ago

Mutants, and zombies, and shotguns- oh my!

There does seem to be a follow the leader going on with gameplay choices...

dachiefsman3424d ago

I loved the first one. Hopefully they will allow for a four player co-op or some sort of Multiplayer.

More missions in the first one would be nice and not so much orb gathering.

gaminoz3424d ago

I'm not really into gathering...I like hunting better...

edgeofblade3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Crackdown was an excellent, if generic, game.

There was no plot to speak of, unless you count the twist ending. There was no character development, unless you count maxing out your agent's powers. The graphics where sub-par, unless you count the comic-inspired art style. But where they skimped in storytelling, they more than made up for in sheer pulse pounding gameplay. And I'm a sucker for a game that makes gameplay that compelling. The feeling of leaping across rooftops and blowing sh*t up was next to godly. It was one adrenaline pump of a game.

I just hope they stick to that core when the sequel hits... it would be interesting to have a creature in the game that could stand toe to toe with a Crackdown Agent.

Hey, synthetic humans that "download" when they die. The Agency is building Cylons!!!!!!

Gamertags3423d ago

Seriously? You see a funking trailer and now want to act like you have the game to review? Some times N4G blows my mind!

falviousuk3423d ago


Crackdown 2 features 4 player coop and 16 player online gaming.

the page is up for it giving the details

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7ero H3LL3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

s8anicslayer (4) - 1m ago
- Ghost of Sparta - (4)

lol, with out hesitation they approve it, debates are all the same.

KaBaW3424d ago

As long as it fun like the first, let them do what they do.

interrergator3424d ago

with 4 player coop it just got more fun

thebudgetgamer3424d ago

when i watched the ms press conferrence i dint think it was crackdown it seemed more serious.

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The story is too old to be commented.