Rumor: Guitar issues with Xbox 360 Guitar Hero II

Today Joystiq received two separate tips from readers telling them that Target stores wouldn't sell them Guitar Hero II on the Xbox 360 because there was a "recall." Joystiq couldn't get in touch with Target corporate, but numerous local Target stores Joystiq contacted said they hadn't received anything from corporate about a recall. However, they did say that it may take a day and to check back tomorrow. Best Buy and Gamestop also have nothing in their system about a recall. Red Octane wouldn't return Joystiq's phone call and a Xbox spokesperson says Microsoft "doesn't really handle third-party relationships."

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Spartan154269d ago

I don't have a 360 but if there was a huge recall that would be really unfortunate. My friend bought it today and that would stink if there were problems with it.

r10004269d ago

Yo Spartan... Wassup dude... I'm a huge NY GIANTS FAN... this off season is looking pretty crappy though....

kewlkat0074269d ago

the game is software, then who actually makes the guitars anyways?

Syko4269d ago

Red Octane makes the Guitars, I got mine yesterday directly from Red Octane and mine works like a charm.

omansteveo4269d ago

This true me and about 8 of my friends bought this game yesterday and it works like a dream for all of us i played for 4 hours