E3: Crysis 2 'Maxing Out' the PS3

In an interview with Gamasutra, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli denied the Sony assertion that it would take developers years to maximize the potential of the PS3, with Hirai stating that "We don't provide the 'easy to program for' console that [developers] want, because 'easy to program for' means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so then the question is what do you do for the rest of the nine-and-a-half years?"

Talking in the wake of the announcement that EA would be publishing Crysis 2, Yerli said that "The interesting thing is we did run a performance analysis on the PS3 devkit, and you know the funny thing is the occupation on all the CPUs, the Cell and the GPUs, is pretty much – the needle is at the limit."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3423d ago

I've heard this before with MGS4. It's just good to know that Crytek are really pushing the PS3 hardware.

WildArmed3423d ago

Good now show me the potential.
Uncharted 2 set the bar PRETTY damn high for maxing out the ps3.
Crytek know PC well.
Now take on the consoles

Trollimite3423d ago

we all need it! and they just got it!

weather it maxes the system out or not, if the game is kick a$$ what does it matter.

i play games, i dont develope them, that bit of info is usless

marinelife93423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

How many games has Crytek done on the PS3??

If there going to say that it better look better than Uncharted 2. If not they'll just look like console rookies.

TheExecutive3423d ago

Well its easy to max out the ps3 if you don't use code efficiently. That is the case for every software configuration. However, it is good that crytek is working on the consoles as it should bring them more money and gamers of all kinds should be able to enjoy their games.

A win win in my book.

raztad3423d ago


This is pure BS. A newcomers, w/o experience on console programming maxing out PS3 on the first try? LOL. If they barely could get Crysis running at an acceptable framerate on the most powerful rings.

This is as BS as SE maxing out the PS3 with FFXIII.

If you want to know someone pushing PS3 hardware, look at Santa Monica, Guerrilla, ND, etc. Those developers know what to code for the PS3, and they dont pretend to have the PS3 max out.

menoyou3423d ago

*cough cough* marketing BS *cough cough*

RememberThe3573423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

They may have maxed out the PS3 on their engine now, but in the future we will see games that look and run better then what we will see with Crysis 2. That is just how the industry works.

If Crytek thinks they have pushed the PS3 or even the 360 to it's limits, they're only limiting themselves to what they have done now and not looking to what they can do in the future.

And honestly, tell that to the ICE Team at Naughty Dog. They'll probably laugh in his face.

Ju3423d ago

Know what, I just heard that my UC2 beta code will be activated today at midnight. Will see how that goes. Pretty sure this will give Crysis2 a run for the money (for the graphics crown).

Gamertags3423d ago

I am sure fanboys don't like hearing this! I will wait for the game to ship, see the game in action for both systems and will buy the one I think looks best. Let the best console win!

CrazzyMan3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

With some Multiplatform Engine they want to maxout of PS3 power?

Just watch THIS -

That`s just.... ONLY ON PLAYSTATION....
i mean, WoW, AMAZING, Holy ....., it`s just out of this world,

And the GRAPHICS... they look like CG + Anime.. that really looks like CGI at some points, THIS IS TRUE capabilities of PS3, i`m even not sure, why would we need PS4, when PS3 is capable of THIS.

This game really gives goosebumps. This game has a soul.))

Gamertags3423d ago

If you listen to the developers you will learn that there isnt much of difference between the 360 and the PS3. It is about time some of you learn this and begin enjoy the fruits of gaming.

Buy both systems, enjoy the best of both worlds.

BattleAxe3423d ago

If its maxing out the PS3, then I wonder how many discs the XBOX version is going to need....

el zorro3423d ago

"Crytek is known for its technical excellence, and we also quizzed Yerli on his impressions of the differences between the two HD platforms. "I mean essentially the game we run is about the same," he said. "Probably one’s stronger on the GPU side, one’s stronger on the CPU side, so depending on what you’re doing where, the PS3 does perform here sometimes better, the 360 performs other things better, but overall by the time the game ships it’ll be absolutely the same."

You hear that guys, the same. Not 'PS3 better' as many of you are trying to imply. The 360 does have a more powerful GPU and for the way most games are made that is a more important element than whether you can crunch some numbers for physics calculations or what not.
Even a physics heavy game like Red Faction still looks better on the 360 and has the same performance in terms of physics.
Then again most developers claim their game is going to look the same on both consoles and when the game comes out lo and behold the 360 version still looks and runs better.

Agent VX3423d ago

Yep, a company that made a game a few years ago called Crysis on the PC that looks better than anything on the PS3, I think knows a few things about programming.

It really stings goofy Sony fanboys that the PS3 is getting maxed out already. I have no doubt that there will be better looking games as coding gets better a few years down the line, but the PS3 has a gimped graphics card and memory architecture. Dem da facts, love them or hate them, the PS3 is getting maxed.

Don't worry though, 3 to 4 years there will be a new console out that will make the PS3 look like a gamecube and it will all but be forgotten, and rightfully so as the PS3 ain't selling very good. A new console by Sony is what they need if they want to stay in the video game business. Last place isn't what Sony was hoping for this generation with the PS3.

popup3423d ago

Do you know AgentVX, sometimes your posts are actually quite well put together. It's a shame you choose to punctuate it with stabbing remarks and generalizations.

phosphor1123423d ago

This is their first game for a non-pc oriented console. Fact
They are using a non-specific engine to be run on multiple platforms. Fact.

They don't know what they are talking about. Fact.


Hey Crytek, it's Far Cry 2 on the phone, it's asking you to stop lying.

No multiplat game will max anything out on any hardware. The only thing Crytek will prove is that multiplat means downgrade the PC game 'till it runs on both consoles.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3423d ago

The spin machine is still running at full speed, to bad you're allmost out of gas.

SL1M DADDY3423d ago

So to that I say that what is maxed out today is simply dated code and not running efficient. The way to make games look even better in years to come is to make your code efficient and then use more of it. You can claim to max out the hardware but then somebody comes along and makes a more efficient code and winds up with a better looking/running game. It's not about the hardware being maxed out, it's about your code being efficient.

Zedux3422d ago

the guys are rookie they are trying to find excuses even before we get to see the game. Let's see if they can match GoW3, Uncharted 2 or The Last Guardian if not they fail!!! But they already failed as they said the game will look same PS3/360 and we know the Xbox can't keep up with those 3 titles I mentioned!!!

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Surfman3423d ago

i guess we'll know which version between 360 and the PS3 will be the best.

Redgehammer3423d ago

Crytek is known for its technical excellence, and we also quizzed Yerli on his impressions of the differences between the two HD platforms. "I mean essentially the game we run is about the sam," he said. "Probably one’s stronger on the GPU side, one’s stronger on the CPU side, so depending on what you’re doing where, the PS3 does perform here sometimes better, the 360 performs other things better, but overall by the time the game ships it’ll be absolutely the same."

sounds like the games will be the same-- hopefully awesome no matter what console

DaTruth3423d ago

Oh great... The same... We know what this means. Oh well, that officially relegates this game to off my radar.

Don't flame me! We here this all the time and it always turns out the same. Multiplats are what they are!

Omegasyde3423d ago


They state the same specs due to PR. I for one wouldn't say one console is better than the other If I am making a game for each.

360DownINflames3423d ago

Im sure they will push it using all the latest techniques but their engines have always been power hogs...

And if the game is coming to PC then whats the point for the consoles?

Should be fun but not sure its going to sell as well as they hope.

eyeDEVOUR3423d ago

well they wont have to worry about the pirating issues on the consoles...

TheHater3423d ago

you do know that you can pirate games for the xbox 360 right?

Pandamobile3423d ago

So, you're saying that the company that holds the highest standard in video gaming graphics doesn't have the skill to "max out a console"?

jerander3423d ago

he is not saying they don't have the ability to max out a console or PC. He is saying they don't know how to write efficient code. Crysis was more of a power hog then it needed to be.

Pandamobile3423d ago

Crysis was a power hog because of the sheer amount of stuff it was rendering.

Crysis was optimized perfectly fine and Warhead simply improved on it.

In my opinion, even getting Crysis to run at all on a console is a feat in itself.

Marcelles253423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

you can never really squeeze everything out of a console if the engine your working with isn't specialized for that console

even the 360 version wont be maxed out or put to its potential

Volition, the people who make Red Faction: Guerrilla said they maxed out the 360 but in truth they didn't utilize everything to its potential. so they never maxed out the console

same goes with PS3

talltony3423d ago

Ps3 has a different infrastructure than a pc and a 360. Just because they come out and make a multiplatform engine on all consoles doesnt mean the ps3 is maxed out. Its a multiplatform engine therfore it will be pretty much the same on all platforms. It will perform exactly the same on the weakest console as the most powerful one..

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eyeDEVOUR3423d ago

maybe because they using one engine that is tweaked for each platform instead of a platform exclusive engine like kz2 uses.....

- Ghost of Sparta -3423d ago

^ This man is correct, there is no lead platform.

Jrome3423d ago

same thing i was thinking.

DaTruth3423d ago

Sorry, the PS3 version will not have extra physics objects, particle effects and more enemies on screen with better A.I.(the place where the cell really shines). It never happens in a multiplat and it won't happen here. If the 360 and PS3 both excel in different areas, they will downgrade both the areas so it looks mediocre on both consoles!

RememberThe3573423d ago

But I don't think there is any denying that Crysis 2 will look beautiful on each platform. It will probably be the best looking multi-platform game out.

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keysy4203423d ago

agree i dont think so either, because games are getting better and they are distancing themselves from the xbox maybe the cry engine is at its max running on the systems not that the system is maxed

Pandamobile3423d ago

No, the article clearly says that that are pushing the needle of PS3 performance.

The CryEngine 3 tech demos they showed were essentially CryEngine 2 footage on 'medium' settings, because when compared to Crysis running on medium settings; it looks almost identical.