Reggie Doesn't Play Games

Candid Anthony of wrote, " was filming Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime playing Nintendo Wii Sports Resort this afternoon. Reggie did not seem to be having much luck in beating his opponent and made the comment, "I don't play games". Interesting comment coming from the president of one of the most popular gaming companies in the world."

"Just thought we would post this for laughs. Skip to 0:55 for the good stuff."

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TruthbeTold3425d ago

but it seemed as if he was saying that "Even someone like I can do this". It's all in the voice inflection. Of course he doesn't play games. Neither does Cammie Dunaway or Denise Kaigler. They are Faces, businessfolk and PR people. Iwata and Miyamoto are the gamers, and they and their entourage run just about everything that matters - from Japan. Reggie just crunches numbers to see which games will sell in America, and gives a comment that the media eats up a few times a year.

inconspikuous3425d ago

lol, i'm pretty sure he meant 'i don't play games...' as in 'i'm not gonna go easy on you.'

look at him go!

ChickeyCantor3425d ago

Like most PR people?

The horrors people the horrors!

Polluted3425d ago

Yeah, I doubt if any of these big wigs do. If I had Reggie's kind of cash I'd be out doing coke off a hookers ass or something instead of playing video games.

That said, I think he might have meant it in an "I don't screw around" sort of way. You know, like playful trash talk.