Ambitious MMORPG Marvel Universe Online coming soon

Straight from Barcelona, Spain, an official press release from Microsoft Game Studios revealed that an MMO game themed by the comics world repertoire of Marvel Entertainment is now under development by Cryptic Studios. Marvel Universe Online, which should be available for Xbox 360 owners and Windows Vista PC-goers, will sport interconnectivity play over Xbox Live and Live for Windows, bringing the MMO fans of the PC and fans of the Microsoft next-gen console closer together.

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Bigmac5734273d ago

If it's good, this may convince me to buy a 360. Wonder if it would be better on PC though?

THWIP4273d ago

This is nothing more but an official press release for a game that most 360 fans have known about for over a year. To say that it's "coming soon" is very misleading, as it's very early in production, and is an immensely ambitious project. Expect this game no earlier than 2nd Qtr 2008.

Robotz Rule4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

But on the other hand,if it's like World Of Warcraft,who wants to be a fat a*s eating potato chips and drinking soda all day while mashing alot of buttons on the keyboard repetatively?

PureGamer4272d ago

But wait you will have the game.

Shame its not coming to the PS3, ill get it on my 360 when i eventually buy one. Till then ill make do with the DC version.

Havince4272d ago

Thats what i hought when read it. iv known about marvel online for about 10 months, and STILL dont know any more about the game than did back then

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