Forza Motorsport 3 Vs Gran Turismo 5 screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal published some exclusive screenshots comparing the two games. Check them out.

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WildArmed3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

*puts flame suit on*
This isnt gonna end good

GT5 has Forza 3 beat :/
Even in numbers!

xwabbit3423d ago

will see game trailers putting the GT5 footage on the forza section and the forza videos on GT5 Lol

marinelife93423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

One looks cartoonish and plastic. The other gets falsely accused of being a CGI render on forums across America.

The GT lighting engine and level of detail is second to none.

- Ghost of Sparta -3423d ago

I won't lie, Forza 3 is looking really, really good but in comparison to GT5? That's just unfair. Try Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2, then we'll have an equal comparison.

gamesmaster3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

hell even Grand Turismo PSP has more cars and content than forza 3.
800 vs 400?

but these games are on different platforms, is there any need for a comparison?

Immortal Kaim3423d ago

Why are these two fantastic games being compared with still images? How the game actually runs/plays in motion is the most important thing isn't it? You know, with physics and everything.

That being said, GT5 looks unreal. :)

Vicodin3423d ago

Even more embarrassing.

GT5 actual in game footage blows away the fake Forza BS they always try to fool gamers with.

The months leading up to the release of Foraza 2, a guy name che(if I remember the name correctly) use to be a 'reviewer' back when 1Up was overflowing with Xbox fans. Many of whom went off to work for Microsoft.

After handing out the usual inflated Xbox 360 exclusive scores - he is best remembered for his hilariously pathetic 9/10 for that hideous Perfect Dark Zero 360 game - he went off to work for Microsoft on the Forza 2 team.

He would troll the Gran Turismo threads on neogaf so often and so poorly that he actually got a tag making fun of his sad attempts at trashing GT. The only 'developer' I've ever know to have so little class that they actually would sit around trolling a competing product.

So when Forza 2 was getting ready to be released he started putting out these fake bullshots of the game 'swearing' they were absolutely real and right from the game.

The game comes out and it looks, surprise surprise, nothing like the bullshots being put out by che and the Foraza 2 marketing people. The Forza boards are exploding with people who bought the game crying over how they were lied to.

Killzone 2
Uncharted 2

When Sony puts out game footage or marketing material, you know that is what the actual game looks like. They have the insane graphical power advantage and don't need to lie.

INehalemEXI3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 is probably the nearest thing to photo realistic gfx I seen yet. Forza has the sweet custom paint your going to have a good time either way but granturfreakingismo is undisputed champ.

Sarcasm3423d ago


Those are some excellent UPSCALED pictures of Forza 3.

It blews Forza 2 away.

That being said, it still doesn't have that photorealistic look of GT5.

The lighting on GT5 is just more advanced, and the car models just have more Polygons.

really duh3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

its clear this dude that made this comparison cherrypicked the Forza screens. Forza is so dynamic graphically he tries to catch Foza at points that seem to not show Forza's fidelity

The top ones are Forza and the bottom GT5

Nice try again PS3 fans but Forza 3 looks better.

Nikuma3423d ago

If you didn't tell me those NASCAR pics weren't a video game I would of thought they were the real thing.

marinelife93423d ago


Those Forza pics look great. Unfortunately they still don't look better than the low Res GT5 pics.

7ero H3LL3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

that's not realtime.

the last 34 seconds of the trailer switches to a movie, lol.

KillaManiac3423d ago

Wow...I agree 100% with Nikuma....Those Nascar pics really do look like it is a picture of a actual race.

Forza will be amazing for the customization, but I don't think it can stand against GT at all.

GVON3423d ago

I need a answer been trying since yesterday

How many cars will Forza have onscreen.I counted 8 from the conference,I know GT5p had 16 cars on track,so was it the demo or the track that had a limit of 8 or what.

el zorro3423d ago

First of all I am the biggest racing and car fan there is. I was always a fan of Gran Turismo. Forza and Forza 2 nearly won me over but I still prefered Gran Turismo in my heart.

But now Forza 3 is looking hot. What they showed off at Microsoft's e3 event was breathtaking for racing fans and I honestly think they have finally done it. Forza 3 looks better and has a better features set. I think it is going to be the new king.

boodybandit3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Dude stop. Just stop.
I am a huge racing fan that owns both systems and I will purchase both games without hesitation, but seriously man just stop. Forza 3 isn't even in the same stratosphere as GT5. It has incredible customization which I will fool around with but it's not even in the same league as GT5 visually. IMHO NFS Shift looks better than Forza 3 but nothing touches GT5 visually and oh btw it now has car damage.

Edit: 2 disagrees with in 1 minute? I guess those multiple accounts are paying off for you really duh. Sorry dude but I am being totally honest and not a fanboy. You need to take off those blinders. Forza 3 like most 360 exclusives, don't compare to PS3 exclusives visually. Deal with it.

I have my gamer tags for display under my profile. Post yours. What's that? You don't want to? Why not? Too many accounts on N4G to keep track of? Not actually a gamer but just a troll? Thought so.

Edit 2: El Zorro I watched the E3 presentation on displays you could only dream of owning. I'm not some dumb kid fanboy/troll. I am an adult hardcore gamer that has incredible electronics that I game on and watched all the E3 presentations on. Forza 3 isn't in the same stratosphere as GT5. Again, deal with it.

Edit 3: Sorry Really Duh and El zorro. I didn't realize you guys are trolls to the extreme. Really Duh 1960 N4G score with 22 ignores and El zorro 160 N4G score and they are arguing what is better at E3? SIGH! N4G this time of year suffers from the same problem every year. Over run with immature kids and ignorant adults starving for attention.

Seriously Really Duh? How many accounts do you have now on N4G? Please go away trolls because I usually don't get involved in this nonsense but to completely ignore reality works my last nerve. I played both Forza games (check my profile for Forza 2 on XBL) but I am just being honest unlike you two trolls.

really duh3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Thats crazy talk man. Just stop its ok . GT5 can still be a good racer to the fans of the series. As a Sim the GT series only had visuals so I can understand when thats taken from the fans.

el zorro3423d ago

Funny, I think Forza 3 looks better. What are you looking at? Did you watch the Forza 3 presentation?

3423d ago
s8anicslayer3423d ago

I think forza looks good, but Microsofts claim at their press event that it is the "Best Looking racer this gen" is absurd and totaly false! Polyphony has perfected and revolutionized the racing genere with GT

el zorro3423d ago

I see that I am talking to an idiot so nevermind.

Forza 3 does look better though.

menoyou3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Wow, 360 fans are really trying hard to pretend Forza 3 will match Gran Turismo 5. Look, all games get beautiful "screen shots" like that published every time the game comes out which are obviously not in game, these are called bullshots because it's the actual game but with some extra filters applied that wouldn't run on the current hardware.

And when the game comes out it never ends up looking like that, so just stop. And we all saw the game-play video and it doesn't look like that, although it's better than the first two. Everyone has also played Gran Turismo 5 Prologue which actually does look like the screen-shots LOL. So yea, you're only lying to yourselves.

Vicodin3423d ago

"I see that I am talking to an idiot so nevermind. "

Now you know how we feel about your comments.

TheTwelve3423d ago

Forza looks good, but it looks like the cars aren't moving. Anybody can perfect the look of still-looking images.

GT5 makes the cars looks real AND shows them moving, even in the still screens.


boodybandit3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Like I said above I will own both games but keeping it real Forza 3 isn't even close to GT5 visually. I was embarrassed for Turn 10 when they were claiming to have the best graphics for a racing game during the MS E3 press conference.

Forza never was the trend setter in the past for graphics so why would anyone think they are now? Sorry but the 360 has some excellent games but the PS3 is the graphics powerhouse this generation. You are only kidding yourselves if you think otherwise.

BTW guys if you agree with me +bubble me because Really Duh and his multiple accounts just dropped me a bubble in 10 minutes yet I only have a couple disagrees. Man I wish N4G policed their site better. Guys like you with multiple accounts attacking honest gamers like me ruin sites like this.

QuackPot3423d ago

I remember all the hype for Forza 2 and screen shots and comparisons to GT5. The game was released and is a great game but didn't quite match the hype. And then GT5 Prologue was released....and then quiet...except for fanboys saying it's not a full game and shouldn't have to pay for a demo and rail gameplay and no damage.

Stop comparing Forza 3 to GT5. It will likely be an excellent game but we are talking about GT5 here. It will be alot better than the excellent Prologue.

el zorro3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"Everyone has also played Gran Turismo 5 Prologue which actually does look like the screen-shots LOL."

Actually I own Prologue and it doesn't look like in those shots. It looks grainier and it has quite a bit of jaggies.

But whatever. I think a lot of you would rather be loyal to a console than actually get a good racing game. You won't play Forza 3 just because it is on the Xbox 360. I wouldn't be surprised if half of you don't even like car games.

Me? I'm going to be playing both. I was just really impressed by what Turn 10 showed at E3 and I sincerely think it looks better than GT5 at this point.

Edit: You can act like an A-hole all you want BootyBandit, but just because I only recently got an account here doesn't mean that I am any less of a gamer than you. I'm 39 years old and have been playing games half of my life and my opinion is just as valid as yours. Oh, and that talk about watching "the E3 presentation on displays you could only dream of owning" is just laughable, because you don't have a clue what kind of displays I own. You only proved yourself to be an arrogant jerk.

Gamertags3423d ago

Download some videos people and you will see the overall winner. Both games looks amazing but Forza is a notch above. When is GT5 even coming out?

Also, the PSP introduction at the E3 was ridiculous. Seriously, one of the worst demonstrations we have ever seen.

aaron58293423d ago

GT5 will definately feature 16 cars on screen, on track, and on starting grid.

How many will Forza 3 have ? If it's still 8, Then i guess i'll pass.

xwabbit3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

lol at aquanox if u think forza will look exactly like that.
This is what happen with gears 2
Ms said it would look like this

When it really turned out like this

aliveinboston3423d ago

While I applaud Forza's progress, GT5 Prologue is obviously better, and the trailer of the actual GT5 game is bloody incredible. In fact, some of the scenes in the trailer are so good I'm half tempted to dismiss it as CGI. The bit showing the Subaru flying through the air has lighting that's simply far too good to be running in real-time on a 7800 class GPU. Then again, it seems they keep chipping away at that Cell. What a beast!

soxfan20053423d ago

We could always wait until October when Forza 3 comes out and make the comparisons then. Oh wait, I forgot, GT5 won't be out in October. Or November. Or December. Or January. Or February. Or March. Have fun staring at pictures of GT5 while 360 owners will actually be PLAYING Forza 3.

40cal3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Where did all of the Forza fans from yesterday go?

Sad, that your console game is lacking compared to both versions of Gran Turismo, when one is a f'in hand held title (60fps) and the other is just straight laying down a ass whoopin.

@ Soxfan^^^^^

So you would rather play a weaker game now, as apposed to playing a superior game later? Now you are just lying to yourself.

SuperM3423d ago

Forza looks great, but when you compare Forza 3 with GT5 it looks like the Forza images is from a very good looking video game, and the GT5 images are real life.

If you prefer the artstyle in Forza3 then fine by me. But there is only one of the games where its hard to distinguish if its a game or real life, and thats GT5.

SL1M DADDY3422d ago

While Forza might be fun, it cannot hold a candle to GT5.

soxfan20053422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )


The Forza series has always delivered an experience equal to Gran Turismo. Millions of gamers know it, hundreds of professional reviewers know it. The only people in denial about it are PS3 fans like you. Turn 10 has successfully delivered top-notch racing experiences, at equal quality, without the delays of GT.

bjornbear3422d ago

And they have this "plastic" feel to them, look like toy cars. None the less look great for 360 =) Just unfair comparison. Its like comparing KZ2 to Halo...not really very fair.

Marceles3422d ago

"The Forza series has always delivered an experience equal to Gran Turismo. Millions of gamers know it, hundreds of professional reviewers know it"

Not 52 million though.

soxfan20053422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Are you saying sales=quality?

KaBaW3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Do any of you guys realize that this argument is going nowhere? o.O
PS3 fans say GT5 looks better.. x360 fans say Forza looks better..
That's how it is, and how it's [almost] always going to be.

They both look great, and they are both great games.
But, they both have their advantages and disadvantages..

bullswar3422d ago


Forza 3 graphics are extremely close to realism and this is as much as any car sim can get this gen ... whereas GT5 looks like a extremely polished and improved graphics of NFS:Shift ... arcadish graphics.

It is quite obvious Pony Fanboys didn't see Forza 3 Microsoft Press conference and were busy playin/inserting new ps3 motion controller into their newly found cavity.

Graphics wise Forza 3 is superior in every aspect .... cuz dynamic lighting and shadows is only possible in Xbox 360 thanks to DirectX support. What u get with pGaystation 3 nothing but wrong lighting and shadow details cuz it doesn't DirectX ??? losers.

IF U WATCHED GT5 TRAILER CLOSELY (WHICH I DOUBT) CARS IN DESERT (WRC) ... there is not a hint of dust on the tires ... it seems cars are simply floating on dirt. U call this realism.

Forza 3 will be 60fps whereas GT5 only 30fps.

SaberEdge3422d ago

If you say Forza 2's graphics weren't quite up to the level of GT5 Prologue I would agree with you. But Forza 3 now surpasses it.

The pics are there for everyone to see, the videos are also available to watch, and yet people are going to sit here and pretend that GT5 blows away Forza 3. Anyone with eyes and is honest with themselves would at the very least have to admit that they are very similar in quality. That said, I do think Forza 3 looks smoother and more detailed. The features also sound more promising.

V ii T aL3422d ago

Gt5 has forza beat on graphics and realism, but fan factor is a whole different story since none of us has played either lol.

3422d ago
Kaneda3422d ago

mm.. we got GT5 Prologue. Still looks better than Forza 3 and running 1080p 60 fps. Are you waiting for racing to beat GT5? Good luck, you will be waiting longer than October! or maybe you will be waiting for forever...

y0haN3422d ago

I think they both look equally amazing and shall be buying both.

Side note: since Forza is two discs, I hope you can install both together so you don't need to touch the second disc ever again.

FrankenLife3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

After looking at the Forza pics you guys have posted, I can see it definitely looks very good. However GT5 looks like a photo while Forza looks like a game, albeit a very good looking game. I just might rent Forza.

GT5 has a very good wheel that was designed specifically for the game, with fantastic force feedback. I can feel the tires slipping on corners. Every car feels and acts differently with the wheel too. They put a lot of work into matching it perfectly. Forza doesn't have that. Sure there is a force feedback wheel you can get, but it isn't the same.

What about sound? I'd like to know what the sound quality is like. Like every other 360 game, Forza will most likely be in 5.1. GT5 is in 7.1. With Forza you have a compressed audio format compressed further to fit on the disk. That doesn't match the quality of raw audio data taken from the disk and sent to the receiver. LPCM ftw

Edit: didn't know it is 2 disks

ChrisGTR13422d ago

why do ps3 fanboys always go straight to the graphics? forza 3 has some spectacular graphics unlike forza 2 which i thought looked really outdated. forza is such a better series, car customization, better physics and damage models, WAAAYY better online. last i heard you cant even use mics on GT:P

NotSoSilentBob3422d ago

nice screens you posted their but how come the Top of each pair(Forza3) are all when the cars are stopped or barely moving and the bottom (GT5) are all when the cars appear to be in High speed?

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rebirthofcaos3423d ago

GT5 looks better IMO

Dead_Cell3423d ago

I was shocked by how utterly real GT5 looked when I first saw it.
Forza,whilst still looking great has that baby-oiled look that kinda puts me off.

jamesrocks31473423d ago

hands down without a dowt and always will be that way.

sinny3423d ago

guys, that was cruel to the poor forza 3 ...