Attention All Gap Members: Uncharted 2 Beta Codes Incoming

Just received word that PlayStation GAP members are receiving codes for the Uncharted 2 beta. If you're in the GAP and have received your code, let know so they can see who all we have to compete against once the beta kicks off.

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WildArmed3425d ago

hopefully i'll get another one :D

BrunoM3425d ago

I just got mine hehe kick asssss .. .

after you get the e-mail u got to go to the link you have to be a menber of G.A.P log in press another link and will make a special code only for you and it will only work for a few more hours it says is a limited time thing first come first serve ..

any ways got mine..

Peppy la Moca3424d ago

I would be very thankful if someone could give me an extra code.

jack_burt0n3425d ago

no code here

any PS brothers wanna help me out psn: jack__burt0n 2 underscores!?

mugoldeneagle033425d ago

The GAP has always been kind to me...

Killzone Liberation
R&C Size Matters
Gran Turismo 4 Online

The only one I missed, before betas became more easily available, was the Warhawk one.

LinuxGuru3425d ago

G.A.P. = Gamer Advisory Panel

It's a "club" made by Sony that has a chance to grant you access to special events, betas, demos, etc.

slave2Dcontroller3425d ago

beta for 2 hours Guys it awsome it has all the fluid animations and play mechanics of Uncharted but just more chaotic.

This game looks absolutely beautiful and is fun as hell and I'm not even a muti player person!

sutton323424d ago

hope you have fun playin the beta man, wish i had a code! peace out

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The story is too old to be commented.