1UP: God of War 3 Preview

It's the final game in the initial God of War trilogy, with Kratos and the Titans fighting Zeus and the Gods. You know this. Big new features this time around include playing entire levels on the backs of gigantic Titans as they scale Mount Olympus, fighting large numbers of (sometimes organized) enemies with new crowd control techniques, and flying vertically when you strap on a pair of wings and enter a wind tunnel.

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cmrbe3478d ago

Too much good gaming news.

360DownINflames3478d ago

God of War you will play this or consider yourself NOT a gamer... There is no gamer that can deny this.. You either play god of war or at least respect it..

I shall be playing... Many Many nights...

Kratos would DESTROY Master Chief... Rip his stupid helmet off and stick a axe down his pie hole.