The Last Guardian - Trailer Clip HD

Feast your eyes on what is undoubtedly among the most gorgeous games ever created, exclusive to Sony's PS3.

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So Easy I Can Do It3423d ago

That looks amazing. Gameplay footage? looks like it.

Cwalat3423d ago

yeah that's probably ingame, and wow

- Ghost of Sparta -3423d ago

Most of it was gameplay. Team ICO hardly does cut-scenes.

SIX3423d ago

I just can't believe that's in game. My mortal mind just can't comprehend the awesomeness. Feathers look so good now :)

SolidAhmed3423d ago

i love you

and i start to hate Kojima sun.

RememberThe3573423d ago

I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. There is nothing out there like the games that Team ICO puts out.

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DEADEND3423d ago

I bet they are going to announce a release date at TGS for a 2010 release.

koston36473423d ago

at one point it looked like actual gameplay without a HUD cause of the way the camera was, jaw-dropping stuff!

eyeDEVOUR3423d ago

i have the full version in approve it because it keeps getting reported as a duplicate story....

- Ghost of Sparta -3423d ago

I approved it. I'd delete this if I could, no need in having it here when the full trailer was just linked.

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