E3 analysis: Sony's still got it

Leigh Alexander from Gamasutra writes:

"In contrast with the arena-style lightshow of Microsoft's presentation, Sony's was slightly more understated, preceded by an outdoor pavilion hour, finger foods and cocktails -- yes, at 10:00 AM on a muted gray morning.

"If I were Sony I'd wanna drink right now too," an attendee was overheard to murmur. The general mood resembled something like sympathy -- like a prelude to a wake -- after Microsoft's high-powered, presentation yesterday. With so many early press leaks ahead of E3, many wondered if Sony had any cards left to play.

All the buzz revolved around what, exactly, the company could do to trump that dominant performance -- that is, when people weren't snarking about Nintendo's fairly by-the-books show. As the last of the Big Three to present at E3, Sony had a lot to prove."

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interrergator3423d ago

i pissed my pants wen ff14 was announced that was a bombshell to me

FamilyGuy3423d ago

Yeah, i kept wanting to correct him "You, you mean FFXIII Versus right? There's no way you mean to say FFXIV. MAYBE they they changed the name from versus to just XIV straight out."
And then i saw the video and was o.O ( = Oh $hit mode)
"An mmo, it looks like an mmo"
*cinematic portion of video ends*
FFXIV Online

I've never played an mmo, and as such im not a fan BUT i will be getting this game day 1.
"2010 you say? Just next year?" Awesome.

menoyou3423d ago

After seeing FFXIII game-play I am not anticipating it any longer. FFXIV is huge news though and while I hate MMOs like WoW, I think Square-enix might be the ones to finally make a really impressive MMORPG and I hope they do. And can I get a hell yea for some normal looking characters and a serious art direction in FFXIV?! No more cross dressers and fairies and all that! A refreshing change.

Sarcasm3423d ago

I find it hilarious that 360 fans are downplaying FFXIV as if it's not significant.

Much like how those other rabid PS3 fans keep downplaying MGS:Rising as insignificant.

But let's be real, an MGS game is still an MGS game. It's going to be amazing either way.

But FFXIV only available on the PS3 (and PC) shows that Sony is serious with the MMO's.

The Agency MMO
DC Universe Online
Free Realms
and now FFXIV

And no matter how much a fanboy spins it, who honestly wouldn't want to try out a new Final Fantasy MMO?

PrimordialSoupBase3423d ago

Gamasutra is indie imbibing crap. That is all.

Harri44443423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I didn't believe it until they started showing footage.

fuckoffodion3423d ago your comments?

interrergator3423d ago

knowin square enix and sony i think its gona be good :)

PrimordialSoupBase3423d ago

Care to explain how my comments imbibe indie imbeciles? You don't make any sense.

RememberThe3573423d ago

Actually, Leigh Alexander is one of the better videogame journalists out there. You may not agree with what she is saying, but spouting out baseless bullshit only makes you look like an idiot.

cherrypie3423d ago

foods and cccktails
foods and cccktails
foods and cccktails

That explains the cheering.

cherrypie3423d ago

Final Fantasy XIV Online == Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

If not, where the **FCUK** did FFXIII Versus go? Totally disappeared eh?

Are you people **REALLY** fooled by Sony/SE rebranding an E3 2006 title?

PrimordialSoupBase3423d ago


Her articles may be colourfully written but her logic is usually unsound or downright stupid.

Case and point: wherein she claims that game developers can magically make more thoughtful, mature games by simply experiencing similarly themed content from other mediums. She'll do anything to ramble with words like "art", "emotional experiences" and "maturity". It all comes out like brain slop. It's as pretentious and empty as game coverage can get.

Gamertags3423d ago

Was a billion times better than Nintendo but a step backward from MS's. Good try though. After MS shocked and awed the industry, there isn't much Sony could do but show their hands with their motion device. It was so rough and far from being an actual product. A good try it was.

Biphter3423d ago

But for me the thing that won if for Sony was The Last Guardian. That game alone wipes the floor with anything i've seen. I'm not talking graphic detail... i'm talking physics detail. That game is going to be AMAZING. I bet my bottom dollar that this is the game the BBC guy saw a year ago and couldn't talk about what it was....

SL1M DADDY3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

When FFXIII gets shown as multiplatform the Xbox fans go crazy and claim bombshell across the net but when Sony announces the next big MMO from Square, FFXVI exclusively to PS3, the Xbox fans say - no biggie and claim they won E3... The hypocrisy runs deep with fan boys.

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Monchichi0253423d ago

Natal was the game changer! It had every major media outlet talking about the 360. Sony had nothing like that. In actuality, there motion control is a joke....according to Sony fanboys themselves.

So if creating buzz is what it's all about then the clear winner is the 360! And we all know that the 360 will outsell the PS3 this holiday season....Again!!

xhi43423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Natal buzz? bahaha nice one, with seconds of delay and with only casual games utilising it it's ambitious at best

The PS3 motion control, man okay thats 1:1, never has that been achieved. You can TURN the control and the sword, arrow whatever will turn/tilt 1:1! That means you can be using it for God of War 3......slamming down on Zeus with all your might and slashing rib cages with the delicate movements of the control! Please don't kid yourself mate.

Secondly,Buzz? LOL

AGENT - Rockstar NEW IP ExCLUSIVE to thats buzz!
Last Gaurdian (TRICO) - THATS BUZZ!
God of War 3 - Nuff Said
Gran Turismo 5 - Damnn
Kojima saying that (not Raiden, which he doesn't seem too happy about) but PEACE WALKER IS THE TRUE SEQUEL.....LOL
MAG - BIG BIGGG BUZ 256 whatt
UNCHARTED 2 - Seriously.........
Heavy Rain......come on!!
White Knight

theres too much!

That's what I call buzz

not 20 minutes of HEY LOOK AT ALL THESE MULTIPLATFORM GAMES WE HAVE! HEY ITS EXCLUSIVE ON 360.........(and PC) shhhooosh

LOL nice try mate

eagle213423d ago

Sony SOLD 35 million "consoles" last year. MS are noobs. :)

Why o why3423d ago

ill be playing those ps3 exclusives whilst your playing those sales

cmrbe3423d ago

but the problem is application. We haven't seen any real application to games now.

The success of the wii motion controler is due to the fact that it simple to use, easy to pick up and applicable to games like wii sports right out of the box.

This is why atm the PS3 motion controller has a bigger chance of success as its more like the wiimote and more.

Oner3423d ago

Hold up wait a second, let me get this straight ~ people are actually scratch that BELIEVING Microsoft won because of a technology that was STARTED/INVENTED LAST GEN on the PS2!?!?!

Wow. That is SERIOUSLY sad. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY Nothing can contest that amount of FACTUAL information.

menoyou3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Don't be a fanboy. Natal is a work in progress and Milo will be incredible if they get it working right but the fact is that what they showed on stage is merely an upgraded EyeToy. Milo is the big deal here and I hope their vision for it comes true but Sony's motion controls are ready right now, demonstrated live, and they are a breakthrough with real 1 to 1 gameplay that not even Nintendo has achieved with motion plus yet. Red Steel 2 sword swings are pre-scripted. Imagine when Sony's amazing developers get their hands on this technology.

xwabbit3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

when Monchichi025 refers to "we all know that" it means.. yeah I only have a 360 and have to say that's the best cus i don't got another gaming platform. We didn't get new IP's and only 2 game play footage's. Natal and Milo didn't get release dates but they r coming you know! and what is this eye toy i hear about? i have never heard of it! so sony stole MS's idea!

Oner3423d ago

Can someone attempt to explain how giving FACTUAL information = "fanboy"?

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Forrest Gump3423d ago

Sony's definitely still got it.

Mr Marbles3423d ago

the only thing Sony still has, is a bunch of hype and no release dates.

Why o why3423d ago

so what does that say ¬_¬ mag ratchet uncharted All in 09 please dance with me

TheBand1t3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

So you have the release dates for Halo: Reach and Crackdown 2?

Get over yourself jackass.

fuckoffodion3423d ago

Hey, I was going to say that to Mr. Marbles you keep losing his marbles. :D

StanLee3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I thought I was the only one who noticed this. Microsoft announced Halo ODST for September, Forza 3 for October and Splinter Cell Conviction and Left 4 Dead 2 for November. Sony had no release timetable other than confirming that anticipated titles will be coming next year.

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360DownINflames3423d ago

I thought M$ bombed personally... Then again I didnt even watch.. Sorry Id like to bash more personal but just wasnt worth it.

I just frankly dont like a lot of the games xbox gets. Halo is lame to me. Gears was great until the community when on its glitching bindge. And other than that the other games just arent targetted to me.. Crackdown is still my favorite game on the 360.

Heck if I were Sony id see about them doing a remake on the ps3 at this point if they added a few exclusive features id buy it again.

M$ has lost all direction. Or maybe they never had any and just had the year start and bought the right game (gears)... Now it just seems like they have nothing. More bought Ps3 games and nothing original from them.

Alan Wake tanked. Game looks insane graphically but gameplay looked serverely jacked up as in they dont know what to even do with the game.

I mean wtf does M$ have now? Then add 59.99 for live? Why on earth would anyone still be dealing with that? Whatever.

Socomer 19793423d ago

Sony is old money while m$ is new money.
If you don't know what that means then you ain't got no money.

badbond13423d ago

I feel you. Old money has that old feel and smell to it!

EverydayGuy3423d ago

I get you, old money people always have money and never spend on anything accept the things they need. While new money people like to flaunt there money. Learn from the book The Great Gatsby.

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