Mistwalker and Blue Dragon -- How one company is selling the 360 to Japan

In Japan, one name stands above all others in the minds of RPG fans and traditionalists - Hironobu Sakaguchi. His name can rightly be uttered in the same sentence as Shigeru Miyamoto and Will Wright. He is credited as the father of the console RPG, having birthed the company-saving Final Fantasy series, and steered the Square family through 20 years of successes and outstanding, trend-setting, genre defining gaming moments. In 2005, Sakaguchi dropped a bombshell that his splinter company, Mistwalker (founded in 2001) would be developing a new RPG exclusively for the very-Western and very locally unpopular Xbox 360.

You could almost hear jaws connecting with pavement and the sound of heartbeats beating dangerously rapidly in the chests of Sony execs.

This water tester, this breakthrough East-meets-West adventure, this saving throw was called Blue Dragon. Its importance is undeniable, and Sakaguchi's cooperation with Microsoft, a company struggling to understand and succeed in the Japanese market, is a curious tale. Let's take a stroll.

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CyberSentinel5783d ago

360 has the games. Thats the bottom line.

marionz5782d ago

yep this game looks sweet and having Hironobu Sakaguchi on microsofts side is a huge advantage

bring it on!

kornbeaner5782d ago

I believe it will sell very will in the states, but it hasn't done anything to improve the sales in japan of the 360.

If this game can sell 1.5 million copies in the states Sakaguchi-san will keep making games for the 360. But it rest soley on the fans of a system that are more western geared than eastern geared.

_insane_cobra5782d ago

It DID improve the sales of Xbox 360 in Japan, albeit only temporarily.

By the way, Eternal Sonata a Mistwalker game? What idiot wrote that article?

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