GameSpot: ModNation Racers Sony Press Conference Impressions

GameSpot writes: "For those who are interested in spending a little more time and creating something more advanced you're able to add road crossovers, inclines, and cosmetic features like roadside sheep. The ability to add or remove environmental objects and take it for a spin without the need to save or wait on rendering appears to give designers a lot of creative freedom--don't like that there? Ditch it and try something else. Snap-lock guides look like you can easily place several road obstacles, or power-ups, in a row without the need to fiddle around with spacing. Mountains, trees, and bodies of water can be added by simply selecting the appropriate tool from a radial menu and painting them on. Errant tree placement in the middle of a road will simply not show up".

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Mu5afir3424d ago

I would love it if the game releases over PSN, making it more user friendly to online mods. A BD version would be great too. You think this is going to be a new trend.. Sony releasing a new "Play, Create, Share" game every E3. LOL Good stuff Sony, keep it coming.

peedie163424d ago

code name little big carts LOL but yea I am really excited for this game

Rmagnus3424d ago

gonna to get it, reminds me of mario karts.. great game to play with family