PS3 the new Wii? PlayStation Motion Controller aims to perfect the Wii-mote

Amid an already-good Sony E3 press conference, a time-out was taken amid PSP Go details, PSP games, and PS3 holiday titles to peek into the future at some on-the-horizon motion-control technology. The routine was familiar already: in fact, Microsoft and Nintendo had similar "the future is motion" pit stops in their 2009 E3 press conferences.

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taco_tom2373429d ago

its the more expensive wii lol

WildArmed3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

but it also does a better job,.
U get what u pay for!

I'm soo hyped for this n project natal.
I'm glad one is controller-less and the other isnt.
I'd be weird to wave a sword or fire a gun w/o a button/controller.
it would be weird to fight opponents with sticks in each hand if ur doing bare handed combat.

Definitely gonna try both if their prices are decent.

natal is kinda laggy, but captures teh full body motion.
PSeye is fast, but captures stick motion only.

Interesting, i just wanna see the application of this stuff!


Sony said it for MS to learn from so they will copy....U need a button for a lot of if not all games...we learned that from eye toy

Trollimite3429d ago

they bash every thing sony,

M$ showed a wii fit wanna be and they hardly said anything about it!

how unprofessional!

-MD-3429d ago

How original Sony where on earth did you come up with this amazingly innovative technology?

Mu5afir3429d ago

It all started with the Playstation Eye.. remember that? U want me to go on?

SONYbeatsMONEYSOFT3429d ago

the wii sucks, the ps3 is amazing. So really the wii should try to become the new ps3.


Soul caliber......using this tech because even the difficult moves can use the buttons

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