Microsoft's Satchell disagree with Moore, says Wii controls don't 'kick ass'

Developer Group General Manager Chris Satchell doesn't seem to share the same opinions on the Wii as Peter Moore, apparently, as in a recent interview he says the Wii has yet to provide any game that really takes advantage of the control scheme. Satchell says "We're yet to see a really good game on Wii that really says 'OK that control kicked ass.'"

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Robotz Rule4276d ago

They do kick a*s in the first month you play/use your Nintendo Wii,but after that it's like meh...a little bit boring and extremely repetative!,but it is good for a daily exercise!

kornbeaner4276d ago

he is correct 100% the wii control scheme is very good for most of the games out for the system right now, but if you took out that scheme those game are still playable not as enjoyable but still passable to kill some time.

fury4276d ago

After a Wiik the novelty wear off.

T-Virus4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

I think you should be the one 'Growing Up.'

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