High Quality PS3 Motion Controller Pics

PSI has several images of what the new PS3 motion Controller looks like. This is just a prototype and the bubble button changes colors to reflect different settings for different modes.

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Mu5afir3429d ago

That isn't the final product.. that ball would look a bit goofy. I am sure they can make it look much better. Make the whole controller change colors Sony.. put neon lights.. bling it up!

JasonXE3429d ago

im updating the page with more pictures within the hour.

villevalorox3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

This is not the final product you guys. It is a prototype and I saw on g4 someone said needs better graphics, that is because it was a tech demo. I personally think it is amazing. I More precise than the wii and fun looking. (here me out) I think the xbox 360's way of motion control is by far the most innovating, but I do not think it will work all that well, It's almost like eyetoy when I saw that girl kicking them balls.
But they are both still being developed and all so we will find out in the end, I just know the ps3 motion looks really fun :)

JasonXE3429d ago

Yeah. It reacts faster then the ms cam. Bu who knows if they'll fix the ms cam before launching it. I posted extra pics and it turns blue and makes a stop sign :-).