Uncharted 2 Available to Download NOW

That's right, confirmed reports are coming in now of EU residents being able to download the Uncharted 2 beta. Get it while it's hot!

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s8anicslayer3422d ago

Thanks for the tip, downloading right now

- Ghost of Sparta -3422d ago

At 10% already. Jizzing already, died already. -dies-


GameGambits3422d ago

I pushed 50 things out of the way and nearly tripped and fell the second I read this to get to my PS3 fast. Downloading away and I cannot waaait!

Hydrolex3422d ago

graphic KINGS Confirmed by just the BETA !!! Holy ... I will even go for a midnight launch

xwabbit3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

i haven't received my beta code :'(

Mainman3422d ago

If anyone has an extra beta key, please share it with me.


FamilyGuy3422d ago

and going pretty fast too, about 2mbps o.O

Nikuma3422d ago

omg omg omg omg omg omg!

Well there goes me sleeping tonight! :P

JoySticksFTW3422d ago

Was playing inFamous and decided to check n4g for some more E3 headlines and read this

It was like "Wait- What?!" and began the download in the span of three seconds. lol

40% now :)

ReservoirDog3163422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Does anyone know if you can share this 5 times like PSN games?

I have the code from infamous and I want to share it with some of my friends

chaosatom3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Does anybody have a extra code that I can have? I would really appreciate it. thanks.

@ReservoirDog316: I think you can atleast share it 5 times, if not more. I don't see why it won't work.

Random_Gumby3422d ago

Will double backflip for code :) PSN:JORTEXX

PataponKnight3422d ago

Will give hug for extra code.

himdeel3422d ago

...AMAZING!!!! Day 1 purchase no questions asked.../hands Naughty Dog his wallet.

GameGambits3422d ago

Been playing the beta all night. Starting to go many games now with 11 or 10 kills and no deaths. :)

It has problems let's face it. Render pop in issues happen everytime you spawn with your character model, and I've more than 10 times encountered pop in around me in the environment.

Other issues include clunkiness with cover mechanics. You'll hold up and hit/hold O button only to latch on to the side of a sand bag instead of getting fully off of it to rush forward from the side of it.

You can nail a guy in the head several times with weapons and headshots do not register until their health is depleted which is really...well dumb. If I manage to zip a bullet into your dome then I think I should be rewarded instantaneously with a headshot and not have to twiddle your health down till that last bit becomes the headshot.

I love playing as Chloie(spelling?). I'm excited getting heroes side to play her everytime. Her hair bouncing around when you play is just fun. :D

One other thing that I'm somewhat not found of is the game seems to be trying to exude a fast paced frantic fight with speed and fluidity. However, there is no run button. I'm hoping to compensate they add in a booster(perk) that will raise your run speed, because you REALLY feel the effects of how heavy things are when you pick up an explosive tank or a sack of treasure. I feel 400 LBs and that really shouldn't be the case.

The Co-op is GREAT. While there was slight problems getting to circles here and there to hold Triangle due to environmental collision detection issues that did NOT stop me from enjoying it. Reviving buddies, taking out waves of baddies from ALL directions is pure fun at its best.

I'll be the first person to say something people wouldn't dare suggest due to how excited we all are for this game, but---push the date back. The multiplayer NEEDS more time than what it is going to get to really iron out the kinks and make it stand out in a better way. I hate to admit it, but it really does feel somewhat tacked on and I was really hoping that wouldn't be the case.

Day 1 buy? No questions asked I'm still going to be all over this WOW game the second it drops, but I hope Naughty Dog can fix some of these things I mention and if that means an extra 2 or 3 months of dev time I'm all for it. :)

fanboi hater3422d ago

this game is dope. Its soo fun naughty dog present and i will do the rest lol. But Seriously this is amazing my hats off to the dirty dogs.

Jihaad_cpt3422d ago

... will give a kiss, if you're into that. for additional code. I kid

animboo3422d ago

will do anything for a code..pls gimme gimme..

Alvadr3421d ago

I was downloading this at 7:30 this morning. It was done by 7:45.

Had a go when I came home from work.. Co-op crashed and I cant get a match for deathmatch dispite 3000 people online. Then when I try and quit the game the whole system locks up.

Guess this explains why its 'closed beta'. I suppose its NaughtyDogs first attempt at online and looks like its still got a long way to go.

Mindboggle3421d ago

If anyone wants to trade this with me ill be very grateful. Ill give you fat princess beta aswell.

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WildArmed3422d ago

*stalls traffic so he can download it faster*

*dashes 2 his ps3*

strotee3422d ago

downloading now...

psn = strotee

Tidus113422d ago

downloading right now... It started in the US too

SiLeNt KNighT3422d ago

i just got my code but i dont have access to the beta yet. im in cali so maybe i have to wait till 12 pacific.

And to the people asking if you can share the code... no you cant, it says on the page you get the code from, you will only be given one and if you give it away you get no more. i wanted to share mine too, oh well for me friend!

gorman8073422d ago

3% done here in missouri