1UP: APB Preview

Calling APB "online multiplayer cops and robbers" might be selling it a bit short. It's more like "massively multiplayer cops, bounty hunters, SWAT teams, car thieves, arsonists, murderers and robbers who all moonlight as fashion designers, auto detailers, and tattoo artists." Blinging yourself out, drawing flaming skulls on your car, and just generally making yourself look distinctly, individually badass seems like it'll be as much fun as capping a bunch of guys for messing with your turf. APB is looking more and more like Spore for asskickers, except with, you know, an actual game in there.

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Forrest Gump3429d ago

Sounds cool,what are the PC recommended requirements?It looks surprisingly good for an MMO.

ASSASSYN 36o3429d ago

Definitely getting this on my 360!

Cajun Chicken3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Wow, no real gang gameplay yet, but that completely took me. I need a new system now, my PC or laptop just couldn't possibly run this or I just wait patiently for the 360 version if it actually is real.

A game-changer in the making? I rightly think so.