Sony to add 50 PSOne Classics to Playstation Store

Examiner: "During their E3 2009 press conference, Sony revealed that they will be adding nearly 50 PSOne Classic games to the Playstation Store of the PSP and Playstation 3."

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Forrest Gump3423d ago

I'll get about 30 of them.

jkoz3423d ago

Surprised Sony didn't do this already. Easy, easy money. And people want it. I'll be getting a few, too.

Homicide3423d ago

I'm so glad I sold my FFVII copy yesterday. Profit ftw!

jkoz3423d ago

Profit? That's going to continue to be more and more of a collector's item... o.O

Now, if you want to talk profit, I sold my copy of GT5 Prologue for $30 yesterday. It was announced recently as a Greatest Hits. Plus, it's GT5 Prologue. THAT's profit.

SmokingMonkey3423d ago

...again....and I can't wait.

These PS1 games are perfect for the PSPGO.....I want a white one.

3423d ago
infamous_273423d ago

I don't think my wallet or my hard drive could take 30+ PS1 classics.

BTW, will PS1 classics only be $4.99 from now on?

pwnsause3423d ago

i think theres 2 tiers, $9.99 for the popular games(games that were PS1 classics) and $5.99 games(less popular ones)

Wolfie3423d ago

Harvest Moon, please.

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