BrandIntel: Elite's Fate in Hardcore Hands

BrandIntel tells Next-Gen that the recently-announced Xbox 360 Elite has left a sour taste in the mouths of "always critical" hardcore gamers who post on Internet gaming forums.

According to a new report from the market research firm, gaming forum sentiment ranks a 2.6 on a scale of 1 (negative) to 5 (positive). Anything three and up is considered positive sentiment, according to BrandIntel analyst Gerrard Suyao.

"Microsoft might want to change the perception of hardcore gamers first, and then that would translate into better sentiment in the casual community," Suyao said in a phone interview.

BrandIntel collected most data from the top 25 message boards and blog comment sections, including those of IGN, GameSpot, Joystiq and GameTrailers. The study is based on 600 posts made by 328 gamers.

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sovietsoldier4277d ago

i am not mad , but if there is no kind of trade in with a little money then i will be. i always wanted a black one from launch day.

OoOLeafsOoO4276d ago

I just got off the phone with Xbox customer service and the guy said that Microsoft is working on a way to mod normal 360's to elite (adding hmdi and 120 gig hard-drive). He said to call back on launch date and that they will give me instructions to send it in. They will then mod it and then send you back an elite! This is still a rumor but I heard it from microsoft!