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Overall Winner: Microsoft.
Everything was perfect about the conference, ad the new motion sensor will change gaming forever.

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Ryudo3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

With Alan Wake and Natal Sony had there work cut out for them. They did there best but I honestly agree Microsoft came off with the win.

And yes Alan Wake did raise the graphics bar download the 1:37 min 720p trailer. Watch that and tell me any different So did uncharted 2. The thing is Uncharted and Alan Wake cant be compared graphically because Alan Wake is open world Uncharted 2 is not.

On pure graphics the PS3 still wins I think. But on pure engine power Alan Wake is clearly more advanced then Uncharted 2.

At the end of the day anyone that said the 360 was maxed out is a proven idiot.

@below that's only your opinion of the highlight for me it was clearly Alan Wake.

Forrest Gump3424d ago

Microsofts highlight was a product without a release date and a Multi-platform MGS spinoff that Hideo Kojima talked down upon in less than 48 hours.

This wasn't the case with Sony.

Chicken Chaser3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Sorry Forrest Gump..i disagree with you know

Sony Conference was good ..but MS not all about Multiplats.. actually sony's videos showed even more multiplatforms

Both showed exclusive game

Sony: Trico,Uncharted 2,God of War,Final Fantasy MMO,Gran Turismo

but MS did also show exclusive games...the difference here...except for FF MMO and the agent *only a rockstar logo*

MS showed more games for the first time : Splinter Cell: Conviction, Crackdown 2,Halo: ODST*first gameplay, Halo: Reach, Alan Wake*first gameplay*, Forza 3 and they also got the Metal Gear Solid Franchise for the first time ever

Natal was a lot more revolutionary than Sony waggle control

plus they announced thing for Live

*In Demand games
*Avatar Achievements and Marketplace
* Sky Partnership
* Last Fm. Partnership
*Facebook Integration
*Twitter Integration
* Instant Stream of 1080p HD Movies
* Movie Party- Watch movies with up to 7 friends

Both had great games and a great show..but for showed more games for the first time? Added one of the most important video games franchise to their library , who added even more amazing futures to their only service? and who had the best display of new technology?

MS had them all

DasBunker3424d ago

it will change casual gaming forever

fear883424d ago

Microsoft stole the show and won E3. Even though I would not buy a 360 because of the entire nickle and dime scheme of Xbox 360, Live, Xbox 360 exclusive accessories, and the fact that RROD has yet to be resolved, I am very jealous of some of the games microsoft announced. Now if only they can fix the 360 so I can play those games.

CaseyRyback_CPO3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

At a games conference? For F's sake die already. Natal was a concept, with no real working demo outside of a Avatar that was mangled when the guy with the glasses tried to show it off, and a game where balls fly at you. The technology in 2009 isn't here to capture bodies in 3d space, else the film industry and capture studios would be rendered useless. Much like the direct streaming of a real 1080p video, its fluff. Its a dream that Microsoft had to make up since it had no real new IP's or exclusives to talk about as the sole reason to buy their console.

Lets not forget Sony had 3 systems to support, and is supporting every single one with amazing new ips and game support. Cross Assassins Creed/PSP support. Video downloads direct on the PSP etc. And didn't wince on one. Gran Turismo Mobile, Resident Evil, and a REAL METAL GEAR SOLID GAME by kojima.

The PS3 showed off In-game realtime playable footage for every single title it announced with a release date. These demos were of games that are and always will be impossible on the 360. Alan Wake had nothing but a man walking in the dark with a flashlight, and you're all pretending that some how you saw Post Processing, High quality models and textures. For once stop and prove that to me right now, gamersyde has all the HD images and video, go ahead and pickout some that came close to Infamous, Or Uncharted. Even for a sandbox game, which it didn't show off it was, Alan Wake was visually numb. Which is why there is 0 hot story about it on n4g.

If alan wake was truely impressive, we would be bombarded with stories about this. There aren't any, because it wasnt. The only people saying it are delusional fanboys who have no concept of what amazing is. You want to see amazing, pickup Infamous, Uncharted, Killzone2 Or Granturismo prologue. Not only that but the game isn't even exclusive to the 360. -- That is impressive to you as a gamer? Honestly. You saw wake walk around with a flashlight.. now thats the best graphics you've seen? Lie to me. Please...

Motion technology that has no release date, or even applicable games outside of a girl hitting balls. A demo that came from the A.I Pionners over at Lionhead studios, lol... that was operated by someone sitting at a desk.. ".... The Milo demo was partially being manipulated by a developer who was sitting nearby, and I couldn't tell if he was merely calibrating the game or how much he was pulling its strings...." Not only that, but now all of a sudden Mostion technology is what defines an E3 win? When all this time the same sites/people dragging the wii into the dirt called it a simple gimmick?

While on the other hand you had the PS3 motion, which actually showed in-game and most importantly, it showed the applications for RTS/FPS/TPS games. And combinations of the two, as well as precise 1:1 translations, no delay. Which was up and running there, on the stage for all of us to see.

I want all the gamers to really come out and raise their hands to pretend that announcing Multiplatform games such as Beatles, MW2, Metal Gear Rising, and exclusives like Crackdown2, L4D2, HaloOSD,Halo4 was better than Sonys entire lineup at E3 this year. Then I want those same people who "dont own a console to watch videos" to tell me how much they are looking forward to not streaming true 1080p video, since its impossible. I want those same people who say "i dont use a console to browse the internet just to play GAMES" to tell me how much they want Facebook and twitter applications on their 360.

I want those same people to pretend to be excited about direct download games as an innovative, which has already been happening on the PS3 since Burnout. I'm sorry Microsofts E3 showing was garbage, they wished they could have stolen another mega franchise, but Metal Gear Rising isn't it. WIthout that, you're left with a bunch of underwhelming games, and no reason to buy them since they dont have a Halo3 beta packaged with them.

Microsoft won in the same way the kid that says "First!" on every post wins.

Monchichi0253424d ago

Natal was the game changer! It had every major media outlet talking about the 360. Sony had nothing like that. In actuality, there motion control is a joke....according to Sony fanboys themselves.

So if creating buzz is what it's all about then the clear winner is the 360! And we all know that the 360 will outsell the PS3 this holiday season....Again!!

GWAVE3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Hah. No way. Microsoft showed off trailers (not even gameplay) of three new games: Left 4 Dead 2, Crackdown 2, and MGS:R (which is a multiplat release). That's it.

Every other game was expected, and the game that I was personally anticipating the most (Alan Wake) ended up looking pretty dang average.

Then of course there was the scripted Project Natal Molyneux/Lionhead video, and though the Natal technology looks cool, is this REALLY going to make me play my 360 (and spend $150+ on the camera)? Project Natal and the buzz it's generating in the 360 community is solid, irrefutable proof that they are a bunch of hypocrites. These same sort of things have been shown off for the Wii and PS2/PS3 in one form or another (Eyetoy, Wii motion controller, and Eye), yet the 360 gamers kept denouncing it. They kept saying it was casual. They kept saying "I don't want to MOVE when I play a game! I want a controller!" They kept saying "Motion controls are worthless", and now? Hah! NOW that they have motion technology SUDDENLY it's the best thing in the world!

It's funny that N4G-ers are praising Microsoft for its casual and non-gaming announcements. IS a cool announcement, I agree, but is it a game? Facebook integration IS a cool announcement (probably more practical than Sony HOME), but is it a game? 1080p movie streaming IS cool, but is it a game? Project Natal IS cool, but...well...You're In the Movies didn't seem to appeal to too many of you hardcore 360 gamers, did it?

soxfan20053424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )


So, anyone who says MS won will simply be referred to the CNET article, huh? I'm going to remember in what high regard you hold CNET, and how much you value their opinions. I guess you will trust CNET 100% from now on, since you are so quick to point everyone to them now, right?

really duh3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

IMO Sony wasn't even in the same ball park. MSFT showed lots of games exclusive to the 360 *in the console market* with plenty of 2009 release dates with gameplay. 360/XBL will be a true multi media revolution and Natal makes the motion stick look like its from the industrial age vs MSFT taking gaming to the space age.

Gwave stop posting that "Cnet BLOG" article. lol

FamilyGuy3424d ago

LOL, i always thought that was an image hosting site :P

Second, it's got a friggin virus on the page. Please remove the link...

cmrbe3424d ago

but U2 blows Alan Wake out of the water. Any one with a pair of eyes could see it.

evrfighter3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

As someone who does not own either console I can give you some insight as to how it looked @ n4g the last few days.

Yesterday. N4G was in panic mode and was a really entertaining day for me. Every article I visited had the ps3 side desperatly trying to fan out the fire before it got started.

Today seemed like a normal n4g day for me really. clicked a couple links and commented on the ffXIV game because I'm a FFXI player but other than that. There was no massive panic like yesterday. Kinda blows really, I love seeing both fanboy camps make fools of themselves.

Take that how you will. But with that you can probably guesstimate at which companies performance had more of an impact.

Kaneda3424d ago

Don't forget Sony got MAG too! 256 players! Uncharted 2 looks amazing! it would be suck for people that afraid of height..:)

3424d ago
Arnon3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

In-game trailer:

In-game gameplay:

Uncharted looks pretty. Don't get me wrong. But Alan Wake clearly goes for the more realistic approach.

(btw, I'm downloading the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta RIGHT.. NOW.. AND I AM SO F**KING PUMPED!!)

Mr Marbles3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Dude, the RROD is history, the only folks still getting that are folks who still have older units that have not been upgraded in repair.

Nickle and dime you say, its not MS who charges for avatar cloths, get XBL silver if you are that financially strapped.

The bottom line is if your a real gamer, you do not go without a 360 this gen, its just got too much stuff worth checking out.

Heck one day even I am getting a PS3, they both (PS3 360) are better than anything ever in gaming history.

Aquanox3424d ago

So much hate and hurt.

Lets face it, Microsoft Stole E3 for the 3rd year in a row. With the almost perfect lineup on 2007, with the FF XIII Megaton in 2008 and with a combination of both in 2009: Project Natal and a fantastic lineup.

Sony gave a good fight though, nobody can deny it.

Chicken Chaser3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

@Ghost of Sparta

just because Cnet gave the slight edge to sony BECAUSE of PSP GO ..not PS3..that means they won?

I mean

this article , Edge online and Endsight said MS won ..they are wrong right?

Even Neogaf poll with almost 1,600 votes .. shows MS winning and that site is full of all kind of fanboys

IzKyD13313424d ago

-Natal was cool, but Alan Wake was disappointing for me.
-I honestly don't care for the netflix integration (that's just me)
-I already have access to facebook and twitter on my computer and phone, i don't need my console. (I can go on youtube on my PS3, but I choose not to use that feature because it's easier to go on my phone).
-DLC map packs for MW 2 aren't that big of a deal, maps don't dictate whether I buy a game. who gives a damn, if I want internet radio, I use pandora, if I want to listen to music, I use my ipod
-PS3 already had 1080p streaming

GWAVE3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

So, if Microsoft "stole" the show, with what did they steal it?

You can't just say "THEY STOLE THE SHOW!" Back up the statement, please. Oh, a multiplatform MGS spin-off (and 360 still isn't getting MGS4)? Is that the "show stealer"? Was Alan Wake the "show stealer"? It looked average.

What about Sony? An exclusive Rockstar game and an exclusive Square Enix game on the PS3, not to mention an exclusive PSP MGS game that Kojima is directly involved in, and Lost Planet 2 confirmed for PS3, and live gameplay of MAG running flawlessly. Apparently those can't "steal the show", but a multiplatform game (MGS:R) can steal the show?

Oh, they stole it with Project Natal? Hah! I thought motion controls and Eyeytoy were casual, because that's what 360 gamers have been saying about the Wii and PS2/PS3 for years. Natal didn't show off a single "hardcore gamer" function. Everything was for casuals or non-gaming functions.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3424d ago

Both had good shows but most "known" sites have leaned more to MS. Sony did a better job than MS did last E3 but MS this year took it to new hights. Sony will work on topping MS next E3, but with this E3 come and gone it goes to MS.

JokesOnYou3424d ago

Micro had the best show, great stuff damm I was really impressed, many sites are saying they love micro's show. 360 really shined this E3.


menoyou3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Don't kid yourself man, Alan Wake's graphics were not impressive. The gameplay and scripted events during the game were the best part of the game. But unfortunately for Microsoft, Uncharted 2 pulled both off much better AND has way better graphics. It's a shame that they probably dumbed down Alan Wake's graphics to get it working on 360.

The PS3 conference had way more stuff, it weas cleaner, funny, announcement after announcement, reveal after reveal, tons of games, impressive games and graphics, and impressive technology. Microsoft's conference came close but Sony outdid them, sorry.

Arnon3424d ago

Lol can I have what you're smoking? Because Alan Wake looks gorgeous to me.

SaberEdge3424d ago

I agree with you Arnon. PS3 fanboys will deny it forever, but there is no doubt, Alan Wake looks better than anything on the PS3. The textures, the animations, the insane lighting engine and the overall detail in the world are second to none.

xwabbit3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Rlly how did MS win ? Only good thing was Milo thing and MGS going to the 360. Natal i didnt find it wow plus natal and milo didn't even get release dates. Sony showed 3 new IPS Plus live game play of the best upcoming games. For the kids saying Alan looks amazing, better than everything else out right now(it does look great) have u played MGS4, Uncharted or Kz2? Think not

People saying MS stole the E3 for third time lol ? last year the only good thing was FF13 going multi. N4g had a lot of sites giving the win to sony so lol ? Kids like to lie 2 them self's . BTW stop agreeing with ur self's people, its rlly sad, u know who u are.

INehalemEXI3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

MS was aight , for me it was FF14, GT5, GT5 psp, U2 , MGS psp, and Kratos that really stole the show. Metroid Gaiden was crazy too. Yes Sony took this E3 if your a ninty or MS fan nothing will convince you of this though I'm sure.

MS look at me , look at me I got FF13 too, I got MG Raiden too. This type of thing does not win sh!t in my eyes.

Sony had the FF13 trailer a new FFXIV for crying out load and showed the AC2 gameplay trailer and there 1st party is always top notch. Rockstar exclusive the Agent anounced...FF7 comes to PSN its really no contest IMO.

Sony motion prototype I could already see some decent games coming for it when it drops considering the amount of 1st/2nd party studios behind them.

Natal looks cool but it looks cool for really , really casual stuff and best used as a way to navigate an interface minority report style.

fuckoffodion3424d ago

Natal was cool.
Alan Wake was cool and Splinter Cell looked good. Other than that, most of the show was about mutliplatform games. To be honest, NATAL was the highlight of the show. SONY on the other hand showed exclusives in addition to multiplatform games. Yea, SONY got it. Atleast to me.


Real Gambler3424d ago

Personally, I lost 6 hours of my life watching all 3 shows, and they were all bad! Please tell me under what rock you're coming from if you did saw something you were not expecting.

You all look stupid, arguing about who stole the show??? Not even once, I went: "Wow, I was not expecting this!" Nothing blew my mind. I would rate all of them below 2 out of 10. Nothing to call home about for sure! Very bad E3 as far as I'm concerned. No real winners for sure.

pain777pas3424d ago

Take away the fluff guys we don't need twitter and all that. Look at it this way Forza 3 and Splinter cell this holiday and games that you probably won't buy again. Crackdown got lucky but in the face of an Alan Wake that game doesn't stand a chance. Left 4 dead effortlessly is out a year later....... not a good sign. Ratchet was not even demoed in the conference and its coming out this year. Uncharted 2 looks so good its crazy. WKC may come out this year. So many games exclusive to PS3 weren't given there due so the truth is I am not excited about 360s lineup right now ME is not coming this year either. Forza is coming out too soon. GT showed it up in the trailer today and no useless hype about best looking and all that. Sony won E3 maybe even handily cause when you think about it there were some seriously great exclusives shown at Sony's conference and no stars that did not know what was going on. Take Spielberg 2 months ago he showed me this natal thing and I was like wow amazing. Good testimonial but too honest a response.

littletad3424d ago

But just barely. They had the games, the new tech, and the integrations that continue to make Live the great service it is. Sony brought kick ass games I want to play, but I also can't deny my wants for Alan Wake and Splinter Cell. Both open world games, and those are the kind I like. More Halo is okay, as long as Reach is severely upgraded from Halo 3, I'll but it. Overall, they both did good.

Omegasyde3424d ago

1) how many feet do you have to play from the camera and what if a couch and a player are the standing next to each other?

2)What if the room is dark and not well lit?

3)How can a camera pick up that kind of functionality for a sub-200$ price?

4)How do I shoot a gun in a game using Natal? DO I cluck my elbows like a chicken or do I do a high five? What about reloading?

5)what if a player walks in front of me?

Natal will have the same problems like the PS2 eyetoy did unless Microsoft ads some type of controllable interface.

The loyal MS Fans are expecting too much, if this camera is to work like its suppose to its going to be quite expensive. The Sony motion still has alot of potential problems too, but having a controller to match the eye camera can take the experience further. The PS3eye already has games like this for download but don't match voice or face recognition. They also all suck too.

Omegasyde3424d ago

Only the narrowminded would trully believe Microsoft's show was better than Sony's show. These fools seem to forget what the PSP offered.

Its not about PS3 vs the 360 lineup, its About What Microsoft and Sony have to offer in terms of video games.

O wait its a hand-held, it doesn't count all of a sudden?

littletad3424d ago

I bought a DS and I never looked back. That suits my needs for gaming on the go just fine. Much love for that handheld. And I'm not a fanboy nor am I narrowminded so watch your mouth. Everyone had a good conference and I called it as I see it, and according to my taste.

Traveler3424d ago

Everyone had a good showing but Microsoft's was the best this year.

Omegasyde3424d ago

So you have a hand-held product already and ignored the PSP information or considered it not worthy.

That is the definition of narrow minded.

Narrow Minded: Rigidly adhering to a particular sect or its doctrines.

I thought Microsoft had a great show, and in comparison to showing amount of titles vs the PS3 it took it. However Sony has to show all of its marketable products in relation to gaming. They even talk about the PS2. If the press didn't leak, would Sony of had a bigger bang?

SinnedNogara3424d ago

The thing I didn't like with Microsoft's or Sony's confernce is that most of the games were games we have already seen before. There was some new stuff, but not a lot (no Killer Instinct or Twisted Metal. With Nintendo we got 4 new Mario games and a new Metroid (that looks AMAZING).

evrfighter3424d ago

I forgot to add. Had Sony presented Twisted Metal, they would have instantly won and I would be saving for a ps3.

But they didn't so they instantly failed.

Hit or Miss, M$haft won.

el zorro3424d ago

Microsoft's show was just too good. All the new stuff for the dashboard really blew my mind. Natal however was the show stealer without a doubt. Not to mention Forza 3!

Ju3424d ago

The only thing I agree with Arno on is: UC2 beta download 54%... muha ha ha.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3424d ago

1st MS showed off the beatles and MW2 which are multiplats. The new facebook, twitter, netflix streaming, music and live tv streaming were unimpressive to every ps3 owner cuz we've been doing all that since launch. With no hidden fees. Most of those exclusives were expected. Only ones I didnt expect were L4D2, CD2, and Halo reach. But to be honest we all shouldve expected some more Halo milk. those xbla titles were bland. They did show the NA version of ff13 first on 360 which was cool. Kojima finally got tired of your whining and gave you a multiplat spinoff. And then there was Natal. I'm not gonna mention the trailer for it cuz not of that crap was real. With Natal they demoed wall crashing game, a inaccurate paint game, and your avatar can now almost mimic wat you can. Milo was a bit creepy. Not cuz of the AI, but cuz it seems like something Herbert would use. impressive technology........ use it for something else.

Thugbot1873424d ago

No diss but Sony wasn't that energetic, the speakers were boring, almost like a death by power point. The upcoming game trailers were the best part for Sony, and it got a little weird with the MG one in the box WTF man. The motion control Sony came with while everyone was giving it props I wasn’t feeling it. After seeing natal it was just a better Wii controller. I honestly thought PSP was going to be boring but I’m actually excited about the PSP GO, good job there from Sony. They tried to show Home and that was just like how lame.
Sorry by far Microsoft had me jumping up and down with all the XBL features. I went crazy when I saw Natal. I was chatting with a group full of gamers and the room erupted with the exception of the Sony Fanboys trying to play it down. MS wowed me. The girl was kicking those balls and it was keeping up with her in real time no lag like you get from the Wii controller. I would like to see a fight night use Natal, playing Allan wake like this would be that bad, Jedi Knight would be killer.

Bottom line Microsoft one this one.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3424d ago

Announced 100 new ps2 titles. Alot of new psp titles including jak and daxter, Motorstorm, Gran turismo and a REAL mgs game and a heck of a lot more. They started strong with UC2 and a few more expected PS3 exclusives. As far as new PS3 exclusives, Agent, FF14, and Mod racers were shown. They showed MS how real motion tracking works with REAL time demoes that can be applied to REAL games. 1:1 tracking and highly accurate. None of it was creepy either. Then they closed with GOW3 which speaks for itself. And they still have stuff to show. And I didnt even mention everything they DID show.

el zorro3424d ago

I agree with the guy above me about the PS3 motion controller just feeling like an enhanced Wiimote after having seen Natal.

Alan Wake, Uncharted 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Forza 3 were the best games shown. Most of which were Microsoft titles.

Microsoft had the games, the new features for the 360, the Metal Gear Solid announcement and Natal. It was by far the best showing out of the three.

3424d ago
Obama3424d ago

why do xbox fanboys have to lie? Alan Wake does NOT look better than Uncharted 2 and this is a FACT. This is not even open for debate.

Alan Wake looks good but the graphic does not impress at all. The environment and atmosphere is good but that's just about it so far.

3424d ago
3424d ago
gaminoz3424d ago

Agreed. MS won. But Sony still have the overall best exclusives, if MGS and Mass Effect 2 are multi. But it's not only about exclusives because there are a lot of quality multi games coming...


@Chicken Chaser

I agree that MS had caused a better impression, but not a better show.

First off, I was ALMOST expecting Sony to put a rock over MS in this E3, since you read just so many rumours before those conferences.

MS gladly surprised me to show that it's still alive and healthy.

They showed new features, new games, updates on already announced games (like all companies in most conferences that's like 75% of the show), a prototype for control.

But if I go passed the impression, MS afterall showed less games, the new features are virtully already disponible in PS3 browser or Store, the motion control is reavily based on EyeToy/Eye movement recognition (I'm not giving Sony any points for this too 'till I see some results, Eye was already meant to do that)... The biggest announce, the thing you ready again and again all around the web was still a multiplat game.

You also said about important brand recognition games exposed at E3. Even through MS announced a new Halo, it has gone totally under the radar, nobody was spewing their juices on the screen at that moment, specially because MS was just announcing a Halo expansion to last main game, this year they have already a Halo franchise game released and they are just announcing more... Don't impress me most live blogs had a "previsible" comment after Halo Reach announcement. Sony on the other hand impressed with updates on big franchises that was just as much expected, for sure they don't put a GOW out per year and GT time perception goes on the decades base, but they still got a lot more fuzz from public right there. While Halo Reach has gone the same way that unimportant "R* logo" you were talking about. I for one though that Forza was a much more important part of the conference and even through Halo Reach will be already revealed, it will have much better chances next year.

I'm not saying MS show was crap, it was great, and I believe owners from both camps should go home pretty satisfied if we didn't have this ugly desire for competition over pieces of plastic. I would say MS impressed me much more than Sony, but the content itself was still better in the Sony confference than in MS's, just like those thousand articles predicted before E3.

SL1M DADDY3423d ago

So many folks don't get it these days. It's not about what company won E3, it's about us, the gamers winning E3. Anybody who says differently is an idiot.

Struz3423d ago

It's simple. Whoever had the most announcements *you personally* put weight on. For me they come up about equal although I place more weight on Sony's motion control because I think it applies more heavily to games I would like to play.

JeffGUNZ3423d ago

Do some research before you make yourself look like a moron. Natal has face recognition, along with voice recognition. It has already been stated that the camera knows who is who and it won't pick up people in the background or in the cameras view. The camera is also suppose to work in a completely dark room. It's not the awful cameras we are use to now, it picks up 3D movements, lighting isn't an issued. Project Natal will not fail...It will shine in RPG's and other interaction style games. I am sure to shoot a weapon you aim like a gun and pull your finger like your pulling the trigger. The technology in this camera is not like anything you have experienced. The PS3 motion controlled will bomb, this will innovate gaming forever. Picture RPG's with the interaction that milo had, Fable 3 is going to be the best RPG of all time if they use this technology, which I think they are, hence Lionhead studios created the milo project.

Marceles3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

And did they demo any of that extra Natal technology other than on commercial simulated videos? no...just talk. Everything they did demo on stage can be done on the PSEye already. Again...great possibilities that we haven't seen the reality to yet. Everyone that's saying MS won the conference isn't bringing up any reasons why other than "because Sony and Nintendo suck".

Christopher3423d ago


Natal: improved Sony EyeToy, no real application use shown, scripted marketing videos

New IPs: MGS:Rising, Shadow Complex (XBLA),

New Games: Crackdown 2, Halo: Reach, Left 4 Dead 2

Known Games (disc): Alan Wake, Halo ODST, FFXIII, Rock Band Beatles, Modern Warfare 2, Tony Hawk, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Forza Motorsport 3

Other:, Twitter, Facebook, 1080p movie delivery, Sky tv

Exclusive tally (if you ignore PC): 10


PS3motion - improvement over Wii's motion+, does show some good live demo, but still not real application to third party games.

PSPGo - digital and more portable version of the PSP; dev kits lowered to $1k; new services being implemented; new games (see below)

New IPs: Agent (PS3), Modnation Racers (PS3)

New Games: GT (PSP), MGS: Peacewalker (PSP), Resident Evil (PSP), Soul Calibur (PSP), Hannah Montana (PSP), Fat Princess (PSP), FFVII (PSN), Assassin's Creed (PSP), FFXIV Online (PS3)

Known Games: Uncharted 2 (PS3), Assassin's Creed 2 (PS3), MAG, Rock Band Unplugged (PSP), PJ Monsters (PSP), FFXIII (PS3), The Last Guardian (PS3), Grant Turismo 5 (PS3), God of War 3 (PS3)

Exclusives tally: 17

Sidenote: Eurogamer really loves to hate on Sony based on their liveblog, but good source of a recant of each conference.

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greatjimbo783423d ago

I've never heard of "them" either, Lionhead on the other hand I have heard of.

duarteq3424d ago

"Overall Winner: Microsoft.
Everything was perfect about the conference, ad the new motion sensor will change gaming forever. "

Come on, have you seen the Sony motion sensor and is precision ? and is possibilities ? and is 1/1 response ? how much did M$ paid to say that ?

I'm A Sony fan, and i know Microsoft did well, but it was not perfect. After all why am i going to use my skate board with a sensor and then not use it while play ( check the video... ). Those were Made videos, not real tech demos. and also, the number of good games from Sony is revealing that they are here to play and win. The two great games from Microsoft are COD - Modern Warfare 2 and that presentation of MGS , but both are Multi.

pixelsword3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

...Epic Games Demo malfunctioned: Notice the spider froze, and the guy couldn't get down from where the spider used to be after it disappeared.

But I'm sure it will be a nice game;

and no, Sony won it with the PSP having the best lineup overall, and Sony took second with Microsoft a near third and Nintendo Wii and DSi last, respectively.

FamilyGuy3424d ago

I was just about to mention that. And notice how they rushed off stage? M$ continues to force devs to show their cards too early. The dude with the glasses showing his avatar in the natal speech was another one. It's arms and legs kept getting all contorted because that tracking is still in alpha stage.

But M$ had to show something...

Omegasyde3424d ago

Hey Don't tell Aquanox, chicken chaser or Jokes on You about the PSP lineup.

They don't know about that part of the show.

fuckoffodion3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

You took the words out my mouth. Especially for that Joke, Jokes.

Ju3424d ago

Want to see a real 3D camera controlled game. Go look at the Eyepet. At least that works and is no prototype. I liked how the Sony guy made this side note like "in our experience with the PS Eye, these controls don't work without buttons", that's why they are using those fancy sticks (true, pull a trigger with Natal). Guess MS will learn that the hard way...

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Man_of_the_year3424d ago

WOW this sure is taking a while to get approved...meanwhile there are about 3 approved articles already from 2 other no name sites and 1 from PS2central saying Sony won...I wonder why that is..

AngryTypingGuy3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

MS won hands down, and didn't even have to use dildo sticks.

i3eyond the Circle3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Microsoft indeed did deliver the most.

Not only did they show more console exclusives than Sony but they showed new innovative and astounding new features for the Xbox360 and Live.

Instant On 1080p HD movies
Twitter - Free to Gold XBL members which is now making $3 a month easier to justifty.
1vs100 which is can win 10,000MSFTpoints and the host is LIVE he will make fun of your avatar.
Epic Arcade Title

Natal is on a whole other league.

Even tho MSFT only showed off 1 console it felt like they showed more then Sonys whole conference Ps3 and PsP combined.

Omegasyde3424d ago

I agree about the new XBL features, but in comparison to the Last E3 with the new xbox live features were way better.

Honestly how can you get excited about twitter and Facebook? Unless they somehow implement in game messaging to people connected on Facebook.

If Microsoft can pull that off, they might just might pull alot of women into the gaming market.

SinnedNogara3424d ago

You do know I can just go to Facebook and Twitter on my Wii's (or PS3 or DS) internet browser instantly. Kind of a weird feature when I own 4 Intenet sources.

Omegasyde3424d ago

The browser for the Wii, opera is limited however and won't show some facebook stuff. Also the Ps3 browser tends to freeze a lot.

If microsoft can open a facebook messaging and writing on people's wall and be able to reply in game, it will be gold.

el zorro3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

The problem is you guys assume that what people think is cool about these features is that it is merely giving you access to facebook or twitter. That's not it at all.

Of course every one of us have other ways to access those social networks and you don't need a PS3 or Wii to do it. Most of us have PCs for that kind of stuff anyway and let's face it the PS3 and Wii browsers are somewhat of a pain to use.

The thing that is cool about these features is that you can access those popular social networks while still staying on your Xbox 360. That's what's neat about it, not the simple fact that of having access to them. Since, as I said, we already all have computers anyway. It is about convenience and integration. I think part of the reason that goes over some of your heads is because you don't like Xbox 360 to begin with.

(Edit - Sorry, Omegasyde. I didn't see your comment. My comment was directed at those above you and anyone else that doesn't understand the usefulness of these features.)

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