Koku Gamer: Cross Edge Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Cross Edge. Here is a game a lot of people thought they would never see in the US as the games US release was always in question thanks to the myriad of licensing issues NISA would be forced to overcome to allow the game a unaltered US release. Yet despite that here we all with Cross Edge having finally made it's way stateside and let me tell you the wait was well worth it."

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Funqy3427d ago

The score is convincing, not a huge fan of those style of games.

ajcadoo3427d ago

Hahaha...funny cover picture. Liked the review, although not my kinda game.

Cinotix3427d ago

This indeed reminds me of Disega, great review.

Xeall3427d ago

I live in the Uk and have never heard of this, so I will now be in contact with an american friend asking them for a copy. Great review, even better information for a fan of all the above series

Reibooi3427d ago

Cross Edge is a game that is being unfairly judged by alot of people out there *cough*IGN*cough* Just because it's a difficult game. Sure it has it's issues but that doesn't change the fact that it's a very fun and enjoyable game.

I'm still playing the game as we speak and will probably continue to play it for months to come thanks to the immense amount of depth the game has. Plus you can't go wrong with a game that lets you have Marie, Morrigan, and Etna in the same party :D

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