Free Playstation Home Items for E3

Sony offers free Playstation Home items for E3 conference, the codes are...

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LeeZer3423d ago

where do you put the codes? i tried in account managment on the xmb but it failed. dont know where to put the codes in home its self.

learte3423d ago

you place the codes there, and the next time you log into home, the items will be in your storege-wearedrove

40cal3423d ago

The PSN video store is giving away the first episode of Voltron right now. Go get it.

f7897903423d ago

They must enjoy treating everyone in Europe like crap.

LeeZer3423d ago

agh is it for us only?

timestoby3423d ago

now i can go to bed knowing we get two cheap azz shirts,but anything is better than nothing no matter how lame lol

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The story is too old to be commented.