E3 2009: The Big Three, Who Won?

Nidzumi writes: Now all the 'Big Three' have stepped off of their conference stages, who had the best of one, of the most eventful E3's in recent memory?

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The General3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Sony won hands down.

Sony had true exclusives.
Microsoft had exclusive showings of Multi-platform games.
Nintendo had .... Zelda, Mario, and Metroid prime

It's not even been two days since Microsoft's E3 showing and we're already finding out that they don't have as many exclusives as they indicated. Lost Planet 2 is coming out for the PS3, Mass effect is also coming out for the PS3.

In fact Microsoft celebrated one PS3 game going Multi-platform again and that was the whole show. Sony didn't have time for that. They quickly spoke of the games that the 360 lost to the PS3 and then focused on what mattered, The exclusives. Which is Sony's 1up on the competition.

Not sure how it'll work out but here's proof that Mass Effect is coming to the PS3:

Plus Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 are simply unrivaled on any system.
The videos shown destroyed anything that was shown before. And they were in-game videos too. Amazing.

Chicken Chaser3424d ago

Guess you didn't read much or the article right?

jkoz3424d ago

It's hard to say. Microsoft did have a strong conference yesterday but a lot of it wasn't new stuff, just updates to existing titles. The FFXIV bombshell was a pretty big blow, whether or not I'll play it is a different story. Nintendo also had some choice titles. Right now though, I might give it to Sony as well.

40cal3424d ago

I watched all 3 press conferences over the past 2 days, and I have to agree that Sony stole this years E3. The applause during Sony's press conference was way more frequent, loud, and passionate than in any other conference.

During both the Microsoft and Nintendo presentations there where announcements made where the presenters paused looking for applause and did not receive the excitement that they where looking for. This did not happen during Sony's presentation. If you watched all of the press conferences you should have noticed this also.

The General3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

"both the Microsoft and Nintendo presentations there where announcements made where the presenters paused looking for applause and did not receive the excitement that they where looking for."

I bet at the Microsoft conference they were like, "Yay we stole another game. Been there done that. Let's go see what Sony got."

(I know I'll get lots of disagrees for this one because of all the angry 360 fans on this site. They hated Sony even more after the awesome conference)

tatotiburon3424d ago

lol...applauses for hanna montana as well

Silellak3424d ago

In shocking news, everyone at N4G thinks Sony won E3.

Also, the sky is blue, and grass is green.

thebudgetgamer3424d ago

hanna montana is clearly the game of the show. nothing but quality.


CaseyRyback_CPO3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Answer: Sony

Question2: Who had more game news for the future at e3?

Answer: Sony

Question3 Bonus: Who's experimental motion technology had running realtime examples on the stage for multiple gaming genres?

Answer: Sony

Question4 Mega Bonus: What developer said he is directly directing the true sequel to metal gear solid, and that its not just some spin off, while saying that the original MGS4 team will be working on his title which be directed by him.

Answer: didUrikeit?

QUestion5 Who had the most multiplatform and timed exclusive annoucnements & "stolen" franchises as Edge put it?

Answer: Microsoft... and how dumb do you look when you claim a game that Kojima isn't even involved with is the completion of your gaming library.-- and thats your biggest e3 news.

menoyou3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Sony won for sure. It was fun, funny, impressive, loaded with games, well done, etc.

Microsoft did very well too.

Sarcasm3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

360 fans think MS won, PS3 fans thinks Sony won.

But everyone can agree, that Nintendo sucked the most second year in a row.

heroicjanitor3424d ago

Sony had more exclusives and their motion control was in real time on a ps3, Sony had a better e3.

GMR_PR3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Microsoft won in my opinion.

Charlie_Shene3424d ago

Between Sony and Microsoft id say a Tie. Both Conferences were Great :D

Rock Bottom3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

It amazes me how MS fanboy keep saying they stole MGS franchise when the franchise was never a PS exclusive, there were MGS games on every last gen console(excluding the Dreamcast),PC and hand-helds.

only thing that was PS3 exclusive was MGS4, and they didn't stole that did they?

nightfallfilms3424d ago

@Chicken Chaser, You know Fanboys don't read.

gintoki7773424d ago

what happens if you win e3 ???????? is there a prize? lol

Silellak3424d ago

Why does anyone have to "win"? Oh right, because controversial headlines = webpage hits = $$$.

Sony and MS both did pretty well. Nintendo was meh. As for which "motion capture technology" was the best? I'll wait for the games before I make that call. Natal has the most potential, but it could also be the biggest failure.

Sadly, the Wii Motion Plus might be the least-impressive, but will also go on to sell the most. Why? Because it's a safer bet for companies to make games for an accessory they can bundle with their title. It's risky to make a game for Natal or the Sony Motion, when you can't guarantee enough people will even OWN the product in order to break even.

really duh3424d ago

The stories saying MSFT won are collecting dust 3 pages back. lol

PS3 fans are going to say this no matter what.

RememberThe3573424d ago

Maybe its because they had a better show with more exclusive content. Not everything is based on fanboyism...

GameGambits3424d ago

Videogame fanatics won.

There was so much listed from everywhere that I think I may have to sell my wallet to afford all the games. ;)

Really though from everyone's camp it seems the biggest games we want on all platforms, exclusive or not, are slated for 2010. As fun as 2009 will be for us gamers we should expect 2010 to be the best year of gaming E V E R !

KaBaW3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

That is not proof. I've seen those all the time,
And, it shows a game for all platforms, but, do not come out for all platforms..
The only confirmation I find acceptable would be straight from BioWare..

On Topic: Once again, the gamers win..
You can't neccisarily say who won, because that is based upon opinions..

fooflex3424d ago

I'm not sure if you watched all of the show but Crackdown 2 Splinter Cell conviction, Alan Wake, Halo ODST, Halo Reach,Forza 3, Left 4 Dead 2, and of course all the Natal stuff was exclusive to the 360 why did you ignore that?

Plus they didn't even talk about Mass effect or lost planet, and so far no one has said mass effect 2 will be on ps3, except some guy on some forum with some excel spreadsheet, that is absurd. if it was true Sony would have announced it during their show.

Uncharted did look great and so did GOW3 but so does Splinter Cell and Alan Wake, and Milo was amazing.

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Jim Hawking3424d ago

Other the Splinter Cell:Conviction (i must have that) and Golden Sun DS, everything that I'm interested in was at the Sony conf.

GiantEnemyCrab3424d ago

MS won!

See I can do that too QueefyB

irish-leprecaun3424d ago

and they didnt even have time to finish it lol

I did not murder him3424d ago

There was nothing but filler Sony did nothing people are saving face for the sh*t talking before E3.

Sonyslave33424d ago

MS didn't show nothing new wtf did you watch the conference .
MS won hands down follow by Nintendo,Sony show games we all knew was coming and some games that nobody give a fvck about.

masterofpwnage3424d ago

final fantasy was expected and agency
seriously u suck at trolling
sony so won this year

Chicken Chaser3424d ago

oh you mean ..the agent a game they didn't even show only a * rockstar logo * ?

and Final Fantasy MMO ?

oh boy that was full of surprises !! Sarcasm*

u got owned3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )


So you are mentioning Agent a game you dont know nothing about, please...

Jsynn73424d ago

And here we have one of the cultist of the Red Ring demonstrating what they do best: talking outta their a$$es. You make it painfully obvious that you have no idea what you talking about and that you guzzle down M$'s hype flavored kool-aid on a daily basis. M$ had a good showing this year, no doubt, but Sony was the main attraction and they put on an awesome show. I think your just afraid to admit Sony did really well this year cuz your fellow cultist will crucify you as a heathen betrayer to the Red Ring. It's ok though, we both no better right? ;)

Sarcasm3424d ago

Things I didn't know about

Gran Turismo PSP
Assassin's Creed PSP
Resident Evil PSP
Mod Nation Racers

I'd say Mod Nation Racers is a possible big hit. Looks like LBP on wheels. Definitely looking foward to that one.

masterofpwnage3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

please tell me

sony ps3
your guys biggest announcement a multi mgsr
gt5 look at the trailer
lost planet 2 multi
the guardian
motion controller and dont be like ohh ars is full body motion, guess what 360 fans we been haven that is called eyetoy
god3 gameplay
uncharted gameplay
ModNation Racers

Gran Turismo
* Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
* Resident Evil: Portable
* Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines

* Final Fantasy VII

cmon really and thats only the things i know they did
and i just got here
and also thats only the games to i didnt even add the features into the list

KaBaW3424d ago

Explain why they didn't.
And, please.. Give facts, not opinions.

I say that, because you can't do it..

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Kamikaze1353424d ago

Even though E3 isn't a competition, me as a gamer and owner of all consoles can't help but feel that Sony really kicked ass at E3. They showcased the most exclusives and the most surprises. Microsoft shocked me with Alan Wake gameplay and that motion thing (forgot what it's called). However, Sony has LOTS of exclusive games, the Final Fantasy XIV announcement for PS3 and PC really shocked everybody. That new car game (race, share, create one) looks amazing. PSP Go! Looks promising as well as the titles announced for the PSP.

Also, the motion controller looks like it might be a step up from the Wii Remote, but only time will tell. Video content for the PSP is a major plus. Releasing FFVII today was also cool. Also, the 20 minute demo of God of War III that G4TV had was amazing. MAG ran smoothly with 256 players online and looks interesting as well.