E3 winner: Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo?

According to CNET, Sony had the slight edge over its competition by being the only company to announce new hardware. In addition, their new prototype motion controller seemed "more impressive and tangible" than Microsoft's "future" demo.

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5113d ago
MoonlightProwler5113d ago

Take it away Emeril "Bam!" Take it away BamBam "Bam!"

FamilyGuy5113d ago

Right there!
Did you see that?
Friggin C NET

Sony had to have had an impressive show if they even swayed CNETs (usual) opinion.

MoonlightProwler5113d ago

Sony's > MS > Ninty's. That tech demo was awesome with the new Sony motion controller. NATAL was pretty cool too. Nintendo on the other hand had amazing new games, like that Boutique game!

- Ghost of Sparta -5113d ago

Lol that's when you know Sony owned the competition at E3, when a website run by Microsoft fanboys admit it. CNET = Microsoft central.

Vicodin5113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

It would be hard even for CNet to try to spin Microsoft's 2009 E3 disaster.

* The 'big' Microsoft game gets disowned by the creator of the series himself the very next day at the Sony conference. Not only that humiliation, the game is of course multiplatform.

* The motion control stuff has no release date and no games. Nintendo shook the world with their Wiimote stuff at their E3 conference with games playable right there on the show floor.

* Alan Wake was another big fumble by Microsoft. They really shouldn't have shown off the dissapointing footage that looked like your average Resident Evil game. As long as Alan Wake was a mystery people could pretend it was going to be some graphical and gameplay marvel. Now it's just another game that you don't need a 360 to play on since it is getting a graphically better PC version.

* Other than that, Crackdown 2 and more Halo milking. Whoop de doo.

GWAVE5113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

I have to agree. Sony just showed off SO much and announced so much. Microsoft barely showed off anything. I mean, you can even eliminate Sony's "Motion Control" demonstration and they still come out on top. Here are just a FEW of the games they talked about:

- Lost Planet 2 confirmed on PS3
- That new Mod Racer Nation game
- MGS on PSP
- Ratchet and Clank PS3
- Jak and Daxter PSP
- Fat Princess PSP
- Assassin's Creed on PSP
- Resident Evil on PSP
- Gran Turismo PSP
- Exclusive Rockstar North game called Agent
- Uncharted 2
- Final Fantasy 14 MMO
- God of War 3
- Gran Turismo 5

EDIT: Hah! Heck yeah, I totally forgot about Last Guardian!

gambare5113d ago

yeah, and there are 2 days of sony marketing yet, even at Home there will be some interesting news not show today

Vicodin5113d ago

"Here are just a FEW of the games they talked about: "

And of course Team ICO's incredible The Last Guardian

really duh5113d ago

Dam PS3 fans are hunting for these report cards saying Sony won in blogs now?

I guess if MSFT didn't win 360 fanboys would be doing the same

Xandet5113d ago

I win. WE win. Tons of awesome titles coming our way in the coming months and years.. what a great time to be a gamer. Sh*t son.

ThanatosDMC5113d ago

HOLY $H!T!!! I was sleeping the today and just saw this!

soxfan20055113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

Did anyone even read the article? It gives a SLIGHT edge to Sony - ONLY because of the PSP go announcement - NOT because of anything to do with PS3 vs. 360. "Owning"? Hardly.

BLuKhaos5113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

bu bu bu Metal Gear is now on 360 tooo
lol dumb Xboxers;Even after having 90% of their lineup leaked, Sony won.

Monchichi0255113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

Natal was the game changer! It had every major media outlet talking about the 360. Sony had nothing like that. In actuality, there motion control is a joke....according to Sony fanboys themselves.

So if creating buzz is what it's all about then the clear winner is the 360! And we all know that the 360 will outsell the PS3 this holiday season....Again!!

P.S. If you haven't done so, check out the poll of who won.....seems only PS3 fanboys think Sony won. The mass market clearly thinks MS won.

BLuKhaos5113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

Yeah not only do you floppy retards sound like a bunch of mongoloids with tourette's syndrome but now you can dance around like one too with Natal.

Oner5113d ago

Hold up wait a second, let me get this straight ~ people are actually scratch that BELIEVING Microsoft won because of a technology that was STARTED/INVENTED LAST GEN on the PS2!?!?!

Wow. That is SERIOUSLY sad. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY Nothing can contest that amount of FACTUAL information.

morganfell5113d ago

I just got back to the hotel from the show and I have to say Sony rocked the house on all fronts.

The place is slammed like E3 hasn't been in years. Sony's main arena area is impressive. We were running MAG and Uncharted 2 MP side by side - it's on the same wall on one side. Just incredible. The MAG HUD has a lot of info...and you need it. The battles were crazy.

Uncharted 2 though is going to be the new king of multiplayer. The combat is just so eye popping, so incredible that nothing touches it.

The same GOW level that was demoed is also playable across from the Uncharted MP. Wow.

Sony has the full BATMAN Collector's edition out as well. In addition to the Joker we also get the Batman Home space. Batman is actually playable in at least 3 places on the floor.

You should have seen the crowd when The Last Guardian was announced. The entire place was in awe. But it was the GOW III demo that cracked me up. When Kratos disemboweled the centaur and sent him to the morgue the entire audience gasped. The game is that good.

Kojima didn't want to do a 360 game. That was pretty obvious. He went out of his way to jam a stick in the eye of certain people and made sure everyone knew that with Peacewalker he was fully involved on a personal level.

Grand Tourismo? The racing game of the show. Everything else is 2nd place on down.

Motion control of the future is here now and it belongs to Sony.

air15113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

of course you just have to say that morgan, i mean what else would you say?

hey since you was their think you can tell me when these games will come out? i dont think us over here got that news yet.. :(

morganfell5113d ago

Why bother telling you anything? You seem to have your mind made up. What you seem to think is that if I went against Sony only then would I be telling the truth. But you are wrong.

The floor is buzzing with the same talk. And that talk is about Sony.

air15113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

morgan all i wanted to know is when i can play those great games.

it looks like we both have are minds made up..

the talk might be about sony right now, the show finished not long agao right? wait till things settle down and ppl realize what they can ACTUALLY play this holiday..

and sony fanatics stop popping my bubbles. now i have to talk nothing but good about sony and trash the 360 for a while to bubble up..

CrazzyMan5113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

Just watch THIS -

That`s just.... ONLY ON PLAYSTATION....
i mean, WoW, AMAZING, Holy ....., it`s just out of this world,

And the GRAPHICS... they look like CG + Anime.. that really looks like CGI at some points, THIS IS TRUE capabilities of PS3, i`m even not sure, why would we need PS4, when PS3 is capable of THIS.

This game really gives goosebumps. This game has a soul.))

Gamertags5113d ago

Sony had the upper hand? Did anyone actually watch the E3 shows? MS shocked and awed the world, Nintendo did what it does best (bored us to tears) and Sony was at least two steps behind MS. It was better than Nintendo's show. No doubt about that.

BLuKhaos5113d ago

"MS shocked and awed the world" What with multi-plats? lmao you poor xboxers are getting more disparate by the moment.

el zorro5113d ago

I don't know about some of the people here but this is far from being the only gaming site I frequent and the general consensus I am seeing on various sites around the net is that Microsoft had the best showing this year. The CNet poll is just one example:

I agree with the consensus. Microsoft>Sony>Nintendo

5113d ago
SL1M DADDY5112d ago

I think I came away from this years E3 so far as the WINNER!

I will admit that Sony offered up way more innovation and games across all genre and gamer demographics but int he end, it all comes down to me, the gamer winning more games to play.

Bubbles up5112d ago

To start off, 7 of those games are on PSP and everybody knows the PSP is just a portable DVD player. Lost planet is Multiplat and those graphics are soooo next gen. /sarcasm
Ratchet and Clank?!?! Isn't that a kiddies game?

That leaves the PS3:
-Uncharted 2
-Final Fantasy 14 MMO
-God of War 3
-Gran Turismo 5
-Sony's rip off of a Wiimote

-Splinter Cell: Conviction
-Alan Wake
-Mass Effect 2
-Halo 3: Recon
-Halo: Reach
-Left 4 Dead 2
-Crackdown 2
-Shadow Complex

XBL Upgrades /Other:
-Project NATAL
-Zune videos (1080p streaming)

I think MS wins :)

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Forrest Gump5113d ago

It's hard to deny the facts when they're presented for Millions of people across the globe.

RememberThe3575113d ago

That made me pause for a second.

dragonyght5113d ago

something aren't right here *:D*

Cajun Chicken5113d ago

Damn right, good impressive showing, bit of everything and everything aimed at gamers not casuals, even the motion controls looked core, no countlessly and pointless networking stuff.
Uncharted 2 looked stunning as did GoWIII, the amazing thing is, they hardly shown any of the footage for PSP games like LBP and Jak and Daxter.

I really like the motion controls which have been developed and look to have more appeal than Natal and Motion-plus.
I also like the fact that the PS2 will still live on. That thing will never die, lets hope the same happens with the PS3.

ButterToast5113d ago

honestly I think both natal and the PS3 motion controls will fail. Natal looked way more impressive, but how much is that going to cost? Sony's motion controls seemed a lot more economical while still providing a similar kind of experiance.

I really want to play that one natal game with the monster destroying the city though. lol :P