Koku Gamer: Sims 3 Review

Koku Gamer writes: "The Sims is the best selling Pc game of all time and rivals Mr Mario in franchise sales when The Sims hit 100 sold in 2008. Will Wright has been the master of the simulation game for a long time with the well known SimCity series gaining a fair share of sales itself. Wright became infatuated with the idea of creation after his first game Helicopter Attack, where he discovered he had more fun designing the area he was going to destroy than the actual destroying."

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Funqy3426d ago

Good review, won't be buying it though.

Ziriux3426d ago

You must be a console gamer? If this came to the consoles it would sell like crazy, it would be another game to make the gamer feel social.

TheIneffableBob3426d ago

The Sims 1 and 2 came to consoles and the PC versions still outsold them by huge amounts.

Enate3426d ago

There are just some games that should stay on pc an this is one of em I love playing the sims don't get me wrong. Though this is one game where the console can't compete, its a game that needs the pc. Mods console commands an all that fun stuff it really makes the game.

WengYong3426d ago

I never played sims, could this one persuade me to play ?

Xeall3426d ago

whats the worst that could happen, i cant walk away from the damn thing now.

Cinotix3426d ago

Yea, I'm more of a console gamer, but this title is the only PC game I like playing and enjoy because of it's wide depth.

ajcadoo3426d ago

9 outta 10. Not bad, i will definitely get this.

Reibooi3426d ago

The sims is one of those games that always interested me but I never played simply because I'm mainly a console gamer and also because I don't want to really miss out on other games out there due to becoming addicted as I have heard of many people who could not stop playing once they started.