Reggie comments on Natal

Nintendo began this console generation with the Wiimote, the first controller to feature heavy motion controls for a console. But yesterday, Microsoft showed that they will eventually launch Project Natal, which, naturally has been receiving comparisons to the Wii remote. So what is Nintendo's stance on Natal?

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Forrest Gump3425d ago

He pretty much said it's not a product that will succeed right now and has a better chance of success in the future.

The question is,what is Reggies definition of future?3 years from now,5 years from now?20 years from now?Only Reggie knows only Reggie knows.

Vicodin3425d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

There isn't really anything else he could have said other than 'no comment'.

Microsoft's motion control copy stuff:

* Has no games that are playable or announced

* Has no release date

* Has no one even remotely as talented as Miyamoto behind it

In other words, vaproware. Pure varporware.

Why Nintendo rocked E3 and Microsoft's poor attempt at a copy of that success failed at E3 2009 was:

* Nintendo had a complete and ready for consumer package and marketing ready to go from day 1

* Nintendo had an easily accessible game that both gamers and non-gamers alike wanted to have and play

* Nintendo had hardware and games playable by everyone who was willing to stand in line on the E3 show floor

heroicjanitor3424d ago

But Nintendo won't touch that with a ten foot pole.

menoyou3424d ago

They should be more worried about Sony's motion controls because it is real 1 to 1 gameplay shown live on stage unlike anything on the Wii (not even Red Steel 2 which has pre-scripted sword slashes)

qface643424d ago

menoyou give it a rest already i noticed that in every single comment you make you always bring up that red steel 2 even when no one is talking about motion or red steel

motion plus is 1:1

Defectiv3_Detectiv33424d ago

Then it will be clunky, defective, and overpriced(Headsets, Wireless Adapter, Hi-Def Player)

Motion Control is just a gimmick. It will never take the place of controllers. The reason nintendo sells is because it is a trusted brand name and it is dirt cheap.

qface643424d ago

@above i agree about the cluckyness
buying the 360 wifi adapter was a mistake a big 100 dollar mistake i wish i never did that's basically 2 games

menoyou3424d ago

Tony, the Wii is not dirt cheap at all. The 360 has way better hardware and it costs less than the Wii which has generation old hardware.

Wii's motion controls were a gimmick, but the real 1 to 1 of PS3's motion controls is no joke and that live demo of the guy with the sword and shield should be enough to prove that.

qface643424d ago

wow menoyou seriously just reading that all i could think of was wow


khsmooth3424d ago

2.1 - According to this person...
Forrest Gump - 1 day 18 hours ago


- My rating of the conference
The good:No charts,Crackdown 2,Halo ODST footage,Alan Wake(finally),footage of MW2,and MGS coming to Xbox 360.

The bad:Natal being yet another desperate attempt from Microsoft to cash in on the Wii,no Killer Instinct 3,no Rare,no Mass Effect 2,Beatles thing was too long.Oh,and Cliffy Bs T-shirt was Xtra Smedium.

The unnecessary:Natal,InstantOn with its whopping 8 movies,taking shots at the Wiimote,Facebook/Twitter on the 360,and Left4Dead2 showing this soon.

Overall:B-,good job but there was nothing shown that makes me want to go out and buy a 360.
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...."Natal being yet another desperate attempt from Microsoft to cash in on the Wii" the PS3 motion controller in the same desperate microsoft boat??? Or is the PS3 Motion controller a Wii Plus Plus and is far more different then what the Wii is doing?? With all of that said, I hate the fact that both Microsoft and Sony wants a part of the Wii's magic. And Sony can say that they had a motion control before Microsoft but is a new controller a way of saying they half-a??ed the sixaxis? No. It's there way of saying we have a remote control thingy like the wii, much like MS is saying we can make you jump around and look foolish as well. I digress. Like when the wii was announced I was the first one excited about the possibilites that it could do for gaming, but when I found out about the hardware limitations I was instantly dissappointed. Now with MS and Sony going full force into the Motion sensing ring we should be happy that both boxes are able to handle intense physic based caculations that makes indepth games stand out. Let's all take a breather for awhile because both companies showed tech demos on stage and MS showed burnout running behind closed doors. Sony's is so early that they was using an engineering designed device. All of this is to say that both companies have shown a real knack for technical achievements and I look forward to seeing how a developer can make both of these devices shine. Lets look forward to something truly amazing and pray that no shovelware is on the horizion.
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N4g_null3424d ago

WOW khsmooth you put him on the spot huh? WOW!

Man that's is just a little two faced and there is way more for MS and sony to figure out design wise.

How to make it comfortable, how is FPS going to work, what limitations do this tech actually have?

Now had MS and SONY believed in motion controls in the beginning their presentations would have been way more of an impact. What is even more funny is EYE toy could do that a long time ago yet sony didn't make their system around that.

It's all good though. We need this development to start now. This is almost like a great design races but the Wii has a huge head start and lots of patents along with real software that the casual has already chosen. It's sad to not see any of these guys using the ailive guys for their SDk development.

What is most important is a device that bridges the FPS gap on console to PC play. There is a whole other type of game play you just can not get on console with FPS right now. I'm sure lots of people love what they are getting right now but what I'm talking about makes a game so engrossing that you are still playing it ten years later. You if you have played the game then you know what I am talking about!

khsmooth3424d ago

I agree with you on all of those assesments. I think that the tech from both companies has a ways to go in terms of not only development but also in terms of what they're partnerships can do with the tech once it's finalized. That's key. I hope that what comes forth is truly deep engaging game experiences that uses this tech the way I had hoped to see from the wii, also I would like to see some casual games that's not just a dumbed down version of a cash in party game. No fable cart bash, and No Socom Party. And I may be wrong but the only FPS on a pc that comes to mind that people still play has to be Counter-Strike, I still give it a spin on occassions. If not clue me in so I can get my mits on it.

N4g_null3424d ago

Oh so you need some good old FPS games that people are still playing. Try any thing on Q3, yes quake 3, from rocket arena to the urban terror stuff. Seriously you will get your a$$ handed to your self when they are done. If console games can recreate that then we will be in the golden age of console FPS. If you must have a game with beyond HD graphics get enemy territory: quake wars the PC version blows the HD console completely out of the water and mag is a mere shadow of it. Oh yeah quake wars is so good a killzone2 guy left that team to join the quake wars studio spash damage.

Serious If you have not seen quake players play on a wide variety of maps then you are missing out on some of the best FPS action on this side of the next generation.

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xbotpleasefixme3425d ago

nintendo sucks but they make money so I guess that's all that matters right?

knox3425d ago

yes nintendo sucks.

already forgot about the new metroid?

Montreafart3424d ago

Natal is useless for games and will flop hard.

AngryTypingGuy3424d ago

Fart, he didn't hit any nail at all. It sounds like he dodged the question. Useless for gaming? Yeah ok, we'll see. Enjoy your dildo sticks. I know the color changing sphere on yours will be brown when you're done with it.

Foxgod3425d ago

Thats up to how MS does it.
If they show some awesome retail games at next years e3, right before natal gets released.
Then Natal will be a huge success.

Peripherals failed in the past because they lacked support, however if the natal is incorporated into AAA games, and features its own full games, then it can be a big success.

Personally i find it awesome for the way you browse trough the menus alone, cant wait to see what they will do with it in gaming.

knox3425d ago

eh.....i think both products will be fine.

Redgehammer3424d ago

you sanity is not allowed here.. but i agree

evolution543425d ago

The technology is definitely there. No one can deny that. The problem is getting user's to use this. We are especially a lazy bunch of people and while raising my hand and swiping it in thin air will allow me to navigate my dashboard, WHY should I? Looking at the demo where that girl starting jumping, waving and kicking her legs was really painful in that just watching her made myself feel tired.

Everyone says these technologies are awesome and they are. But we know damn well that you wouldn't buy it to make yourself look like a fool. Once again, the technology is there but I have a feeling that people are not ready to embrace it. Same goes for Sony's new wizard stick. Just like the Wii, it was certainly really fun the first few weeks or so but then it quickly grew tiresome and I'm thinking these technologies will be no different.

N4g_null3424d ago

This is so true! Now if MS can fix that then it would make a great controller. I love the idea though but I've loved a lot of ideas until they came to retail, liked the cell idea, pentium 4, nintendo's carts, FMV in games as game play. Hey but it is so weird how people not liking some thing fuels perfection. So I say Reg needs to keep his mouth shut or get his dinner ate LOL.

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