Edge Analysis: Sony Press Conference

Behind the family bonding, healthy options and wide-eyed optimism, Microsoft's E3 conference was dastardly. As in Dick Dastardly. It got out in front, thought about where its rivals might be heading, and started laying traps. Nintendo likes to think it's in a completely separate race, but that doesn't mean that it's now competing in the biggest one with Wii MotionPlus, which suddenly looks a whole lot bigger next to no controller at all. Next through the checkpoint: Sony. Edge knows it has the horsepower to make it a close-run thing, but has it got the bearing?

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Trollimite3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

im not even going to click the link! their nasty tone against every thing sony has declined me from giving them hits.

not saying this one is bad but, based on their past im not going to give them anything!

@ below holy $hit i beat forrest gump!

CaseyRyback_CPO3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

"Behind the family bonding, healthy options and wide-eyed optimism, Microsoft’s E3 conference was dastardly. As in Dicsk Dastardly. It got out in front, thought about where its rivals might be heading, and started laying traps. Nintendo likes to think it’s in a completely separate race, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not competing in the biggest one with Wii MotionPlus, which suddenly looks a whole lot bigger next to no controller at all. Next through the checkpoint: Sony. We know it has the horsepower to make it a close-run thing, but has it got the bearing?

If trap number one was Microsoft’s crowd-pleasing lack of slides and sales figures, it was neatly avoided. 2,000 PS2 titles, 24 million PSN accounts, 364 upcoming games – and that was more or less that. A good start, then, made even better by the arrival of tremendous footage from Uncharted 2. As expected, if there’s one thing Naughty Dog does better than a heart-stopping, wisecracking action game, it’s the sequel to one. The icing on the cake: the multiplayer beta starts tonight. Next came MAG, the 256-player online shooter, which continues to make the number seem awesome while never overwhelming. With the announcement of a lilac-coloured PSP drawing a cheer, the shills in the audience seemed a mite less subtle than the competition’s.

With MC duties left largely to the affable SCEA president Jack Tretton, there was a candid, often sheepish tone that’s haunted Sony since that 2006 conference. It works, though, even if its early candour – “Given the industry’s ability to keep secrets,” he chuckled, “I was worried there’d be nothing to show” – risks accusations of frailty. The reference was to PSP Go, the UMD-less handheld crushed to less than half the size of PSP 3000, leaked to the press earlier in the week. With controls slid beneath a dominating screen, it’s a pretty host for its upcoming features: Media Go (a content sharing system already unveiled for mobile phones), SensMe (another pre-existing app for dynamic playlists), and the arrival of Sony’s expanding video delivery service. US$249 is an agreeable number for launch, though another – the 16gb for storing music, movies and games – just doesn’t sound enough.

Go! is not, stressed SCE chairman Kaz Hirai, any kind of replacement for existing PSPs. From now on, every game on the handheld will arrive via UMD and download, ensuring content parity between the platforms. There’s no difference in power, either, as Polyphony Digital boss Kazunouri Yamauchi explained. The feature-rich, massively overdue Gran Turismo PSP is the proof, he declared, though it was hard to concentrate while his translator, in a quite extraordinary display, feverishly scribbled his own autocue in a notepad. Now that’s realtime.

There was no sneaking on to stage from Hideo Kojima today, who had more to say about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Maker, a PSP exclusive, than about yesterday’s MGS: Rising. And what a strange pair of announcements he’s made so far. Pending further disclosures, it seems that while 360 will continue Raiden’s story, carrying on from MGS2: Sons Of Liberty, PSP will take us back to the origins of Outer Heaven in a companion to MGS: Portable Ops. The latter is “the true sequel”, said Kojima, which more or less confirms a more experimental game on Xbox. What do the platform holders think about this? Let’s just say that what began as Microsoft’s trap now looks more like Kojima’s, and he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Sandwiched in between the big games were two things of note. First was a telling abundance of thirdparty content missing from Microsoft’s show. Coming a day after a conference that was all about what the other guys don’t have, here was one that gave much of its time to multiplatform show reels and Assassin’s Creed II, which isn’t even a timed exclusive. It’s a bit like doing your opponents’ job for them, especially when the follow-up is a full-length trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. The shock announcement of Final Fantasy XIV Online saw to that, however, even if its boast of exclusivity came with those all-too-familiar words: “when it launches”.

Second was the widely expected motion controller. Resembling a letter “i” with its simple stick and glowing orb, this prototype wireless device made some audacious claims. “An experience much closer to real life than anything you’ve ever seen,” we were told, the entire audience breathing the words: “since yesterday”. Don’t scoff, though: as it took on tasks from weapon-wielding to painting and object manipulation, often with help from a second identical stick, this unnamed device at least appeared to live up to its other claim: ‘sub-millimetre accuracy’. More convincing than MotionPlus and with a feeling of imminence Natal lacked, it was a fun, promising display.

But here’s the thing. Why was it stuck in the midst of Assassin’s Creed II, LittleBigPlanet (900,000 user-created levels and counting), and ModNation Racers, a cute yet powerful racing construction set from United Front Games? Why not at the end, looking towards the future? Rescheduling? Fear of Steven Spielberg and Microsoft’s little black strip? Or is just not up there with the actual closers: Fumito Ueda’s The Last Guardian (formerly Trico, shown here in a familiar but updated trailer), the incomparably glossy but still unreleased Gran Turismo 5, and God Of War III (bigger, bloodier, and that’s seemingly it). Whatever the reason, a pattern had formed.

For Sony and Microsoft, E3 2009 was the mirror of 2005, a year remembered solely for the fantastical debuts of Killzone 2 and MotorStorm. Here it was Natal that brought the video, the promises, and the aura of magic, while Sony kept it real. At times it was a messy one for PlayStation, and heaven knows why one of its biggest announcements, the exclusive 70s spy thriller Agent by Rockstar North, received such a casual, almost dismissive nod. Yes, it avoided most of Microsoft’s traps, but when it came to the PR offensive, the roles were truly reversed."

Lfmesquite3424d ago

is overthinking this, talking about the timing of when during the show the motion controller was showen, and why Rockstars game didn't get more attention (maybe they weren't ready to reveal footage yet.)

But whatever, they had a solid showing.

Forrest Gump3424d ago

This confirms what we've known all along.

sephy 9 2 53424d ago

to like it. But they're right the pacing was off a bit in comparison, but a few of the games they showed are on par with the KZ2/Motorstorm demos from 05. That same "wow these games look unreal" feeling.

Kleptic3424d ago

that 3 minutes of Uncharted 2 at the beginning was simply incredible...stole the show visually without even trying...

and then MAG right after was equally impressive, considering the hundreds of players actually participating...and the game still looked very good...

I knew this year was going to focus on the PSP almost as much as the PS3, though...I like the idea of the new PSP, but still was hoping for more features and services announced for the PS3...very little Home info, other than how 'great' its doing (what about several new spaces going up today?...killzone 2, LBP, Motorstorm?...all of those should have a space going up immediately) new PSN features to really note either...while the PSP is getting all kinds of stuff, still a little weird that they didn't announced trophies or more integration into the PSN yet...

the FFXIV thing is pretty big...and all PS3 titles shown were impressive...there were a few games missing was almost confirmed that 'Starhawk' was going to be announced or well as the possibility of Jaffe's new twisted metal title...

but whatever...overall a good conference imo...its just insane how good Uncharted 2 looked though...the PS3 is seemingly two console generations in one...looks back to 2006 and then today...its hard to believe games back then actually where actually running on the same hardware...can't wait to see more...

ReaperXL73424d ago

The article "almost" sounds like Edge wants to give it to Sony....but just can't bring themselves to do it, they even said the price of the PSPgo was agreeable.

Guess not even Edge can tare Sony apart this year, that alone means they did a great job.

deadreckoning6663424d ago

I thk both Sony and Microsoft had great showings, but I felt Sony dominated. The sheer number of AAA exclusives was mind-blowing and the fact that they got G4 as a one of it's new supporting networks impressed me even more.