Sony Rules E3 OK?

As Jack Tratton wrapped up the Sony show he stated 'Sony give you the future of gaming' and from Sony's strong showing its easy to see why Sony cast a huge shadow over both Microsoft and Nintendo at this years E3 show. Focusing on the presentations of Jack Tratton, Kaz Hirai, and Hideo Kojima within the E3 show in addition to a full breakdown of the presentation, Gameztraffic argues why Sony's showing at E3 was the strongest.

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drewsny3522d ago

you fanboys need to just stop being pathetic and just deal with the fact that there are multiple different console and people have different opinions. You can have your own opinion but please keep it to yourself and DO NOT make a separate fanboy news story that will just clog up an already clogged up site.

Forrest Gump3522d ago

Acknowledging that Sony had the best conference out of the 3 shouldn't stop people from enjoying the offerings from Nintendo and Microsoft.

menoyou3522d ago

Sony definitely won the 3 conferences, Microsoft came in at a close second, Nintendo far behind in 3rd. There is no questioning or debating this.

Perkel3522d ago


i wonder why they did't show this on confference it looks astonishing !!!

slave2Dcontroller3522d ago

GotDamn! El Dorado, That footage is insane! Thank you sir.

FamilyGuy3522d ago

I love how gamesyde lets me download HD video trailers without being a member and DIRECTLY to my PS3 for playback.

That story-line trailer was AWESOME. Screw E3, this game is going to be the best of all categories this year, It has graphics, story AND gameplay.
Game of the year is certian and it aint even out yet. See you guys at the beta tonight.

evrfighter3522d ago

WTF is a

I take it another n4g user made a blog and submitted it as news...

fail article is fail.

San Frandisco3522d ago


that trailer leaves all others in the dust.

UNCHARTED 2 FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!

the visuals are soooooooooo real.. and humor is beyond better then ANYTHING EVER done before.

lol on topic ::: ppl can say wutever they want,imo ill go with sony's conference over all the rest for me.. allthough i enjoyed the others as well.
yo Nintendo's conference was meh,wuts up with that?

anywho heres the link again just becuz its THAT AWESOME!!

Why o why3522d ago

better than what they showed

ThanatosDMC3522d ago

Did they announce anything about Demon's Souls? Yeah, i havent watched the E3 vids yet.

Gamertags3521d ago

Fans of each console will of course argue till they are red in the face on who won the E3.

You have to go to the ones that appreciate both consoles for a true answer and that answer is MS. It was one amazing show for MS and it really showed why MS was leading in sales and the number one console.

The Wii doesn't could in my book as what would you even do with it? Let me know if you have an answer!

crazyclown3521d ago

sony > m$ > apple > nintendo

ultimolu3521d ago

Holy crap Irish! :o

Why didn't they show this?! That was incredible!

GCNSeanFoster3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

First off, Nobody "won" anything. Nobody "ruled" anything. E3 is not the World Series. It is all about presentation. I love how every Fanboy decides to declare its favorite system the winner and fights to the very end.

Why don't you all try something different. Look, just give your opinion and don't degrade the other systems. All it does it become a senseless flame war. I think every company did well. I won't give my opinion on who had the "best" show (saving that for my editorial) but every company showed off stuff that I want to buy. If you are a 3 console owner like myself you have to be in heaven after this week. Just so many great games and gadgets. I am going to be broke by the end of 2009 with all these great games...

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INehalemEXI3522d ago

True , still Sony had the strongest showing , surprising how much love is coming to psp. I knew PS3 was going to get mad love.

bjornbear3522d ago

Totally agree =)

Also agree Regis still scared the hell out of me, together with his new scary lady side kick o.o

GCNSeanFoster3521d ago

Finally a smart and perfectly sensible post on this topic... You get a bubble my friend...

Lfmesquite3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

When you take Microsoft's biggest surprise was Metal Gear Rising and it seems to be multi.

I just don't see that much to Microsoft's conference.

Left 4 dead 2 is coming in 2009, that's like literally a year in development to a game that already had below average graphics, I don't think you're looking at anything ground breaking in Left 4 dead 2

Then there were Halo spinoffs and expansions or whatever.

DEADEND3522d ago

I guess I wasn't the only one who was thinking the same thing about L4D2.

drewsny3522d ago

If left 4 dead sucks so bad then why did a sub par game that apparently sucks sell almost twice as much as one of sony's flagship games, killzone 2. I guess that proves that gameplay is greater than graphics.

butterfinger3522d ago

Just for people like you - I hope they don't improve the graphics at ALL. All I want is more weapons, different people, different special zombies, and more maps. I will be more than willing to pay $60 and go to the midnight launches that most likely will happen also.

Brock Danger3522d ago

If L4D's graphics hold you back from playing it or enjoying it, that's just sad cause the game kicks total ass.

And the animations, fluid combat, and rock solid framerate they squeeze out of the aging source engine is spectacular.

Serg3522d ago

A: L4D is from Valve, that's one argument why it sold so well.
B: It's on a say 250 million user installbase, you expected anything less?

Valve is for Ego Shooters what Westwood is for RTS Games.

I'm not saying it's a bad game, but just one year of developement for the sequel is not enough time to produce quality.

leeger3522d ago

with your logic, I say then wii fit > L4D and KZ2 and any other game out there. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that L4D is a bad game.

majorsuave3522d ago

the biggest hits from MS are likely the Twitter/Facebook/Last FM/1080p instant videos and, of course, Natal. That's what will bring casual players in. the hardcore gamers already have both consoles and will buy games they like on both.

The win is, as sad as it may seem, on the casual, entertainment side of things. Nintendo proved that to be right for the past years.

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Montreafart3521d ago

Xbots were crying all night long yesterday. Every board I visited, people were chanting "PS3 owned".

The fking bots on this site went on a marathon of insults after monday, but they sure as hell were quiet after last night (cept for the few die hard delusional IN DENIAL bots).

Sony OWNED E3. And PS3 CRUSHED 360.

xbotpleasefixme3522d ago