Up Close Shots of PSP Go on e3 Floor

We got a chance to play with the PSP Go from Sony. PSP Go takes a whole new, but not a ground breaking, approach. Sony has opted to do away with the UMDs and takes on the digital download account. If you already own a PSP you already know you can now log on to PlayStation Network Account via the devices download games and do account management. The PSPgo comes with a built in 16GB HD but you can also use memory cards as well. All the other features and updates that you've come to expect from the device is here. The representative we spoke to was not able to give us an official but today they announced the device for $249.00. Keep in mind you can download games for your current PSP units.

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Kevin McCallister3427d ago

Yes it does. It looks much better in real life pics than in the official press shots.

heroicjanitor3427d ago

I went to show my friend today and realised it looked great, which he said too.

MoonlightProwler3427d ago

It looks a lot smaller here. Awesome.


I still prefer the old design. The buttons look a lot more spaced (good for my considerably big hands) and I don't really need it to be much more portable. Not to mention I have already some UMD games which I want to preserve.

It indeed grow up in me, if you consider at first I thought it was ugly, now it even look pretty friendly design (just not practical for me) it a big advance.

What I don't like is the pricing. Not saying a dedicated game device should be priced based on cellphones, but since I'm already at it, some phones have components just as complex, plus touchscreen and phone function and cost about the same or a bit more. I mean, they removed the UMD drive, they should make it under 200 bucks or at least integrate a touchscreen for this price.

That said, still not a totally bad deal, just could be better.

whoelse3426d ago

Yeah it does actually look good. I like the look of the white one the best!

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Xemnas3427d ago

The joystick looks uncomfortable like you can get a cramp if you have big hands.

shadow27973426d ago

You don't think it's better than the placement on the current PSP models? 'Cause I get cramps using that one. Obviously I'll have to hold it to find out, but I think this placement is a big improvement.

He doesn't seem to be having any difficulty here and I'd say he has fairly large hands:

Neo6043427d ago

when it at $199 price point.

Nikuma3427d ago

200$ would be the perfect price for this badboy. 250$ is a stretch and I'm sure there will be a price cut in a year or so. Sony likes to do this cause they know there is a large amount of people who want the latest in technology no matter how overpriced. Just look at the Iphone. :P

aiphanes3427d ago

It is small and weighs less than a Iphone....this will sell...and you can tether it with bluetooth! It has bluetooth people!!!!

$249 is not bad....remember it has 16GB of flash memory and you can add even more!!!

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