E3 2009: Steve Wiebe Gets Kill Screen on G4TV, Donkey Kong Record Attempt - 989400 points

From When attempting to break Billy Mitchell's Hi-Score Donkey Kong Record of 1,050,200, Steve Wiebe got a Kill Screen on G4TV. Unfortunately a power failure ended his 3rd attempt at the record thus giving him an arcade term known as the "Green Screen of Death" or a "Green Screen".

The First Kill Screen on LIVE TV! Congrats Steve!

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greenmeanie3424d ago

I was really rooting for this guy too! I hate that Billy guy and I think Steve deserves the title.

taco_tom2373424d ago

they got the machine working again hes still going for it

mrjuandrful3424d ago

How are there no power backups, for such a huge event. I would be pissed if I was Steve Wiebe! FIXED!

Mo0eY3423d ago

How bad would it suck if it were 1,050,199, and the power went off.


joevfx3423d ago

he already beat mitchels record score. didnt anyone watch the end of the movie updates.

MasterChief36243423d ago

Here's what happened... Billy Mitchell beat Steve Wiebe's score... and then Steve Wiebe beat that score...

But at the very end of the credits, if I recall correctly, it says that Billy Mitchell finally beat Steve Wiebe's score, so now Mitchell is the "King of Kong" according to Twin Galaxies.

Everyone else knows Steve Wiebe is the TRUE King of Kong, though.