PS3 Motion Controller May Be Best Game Motion Capture Yet

After Xbox 360's Project Natal, Sony is also adding their own motion controller to the PS3, aptly named The PlayStation Motion Controller. It's the best motion control demo that we have ever seen, but it may be arriving a little too late.

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Forrest Gump3429d ago

Everyone agrees,except of course for the angry non-Ps3 owners that are going to disagree with this comment.

Christopher3429d ago

I was going to say, who cares, it's a PS3 fanboy. Then I saw it was Gizmodo...

Anyway, I'm not big into motion controls, but I loved the level of control you had, especially with the FPS view and the last part with the sword & shield, shuriken, and bow gameplay. You definitely do need a controller for motion control with your typical game, and I'm thinking Natal will come out with one as well rather than relying solely on intuitive movements for performing basic actions.

CaseyRyback_CPO3429d ago

And they were using their rough engineering prototypes, this was the Dr, the creator, not a pr guy or creative director. THe level of interaction was second to none, and it was applicable to games now. Not in 2040.

But with all that in mind, the Sony motion/3d space technology is severely applicable in todays gaming, as was shown today. Idiots of course, and you know who you are. Will pretend that its a Wiimote. And thats all.. But the idiots didn't notice the fact they were doing things amazingly precisely and in 3d space, anyone who knows the benefits of headtracking can see how easily this will intergrate into games. And people that don't, can see the applications right before your eyes. RPG/FPS/RTS were all fully working example prototypes that they had rendered out into actual game demos. Not some girl miming driving a f1 car while a pre-rendered video was shown.

This is all fluff technology, just like the incredibly unrealistic MS motion works. Wont see any interesting gaming applications anytime soon, but as far as a "well we have this and it applies to all gaming fronts including hardcore" Sonys motion is definitely ahead of the ring here. I'll wait to see a demo of milo on a computer thats not plugged into a van behind e3 before I get excited, then i'll wonder why on earth UCLA/MIT spends money on super computers, when they could have just used a xbox360 to create Artificial Intelligence.

Tony P3429d ago

Everyone says their motion thing is the best. It doesn't matter.

What matters is who makes the best use of it. Don't judge the tech alone, but it's application. We were all wowed by the Wii before it's release then quickly let down in practice. Exact same thing could happen here. No one really has their stuff finalized anyway.

digger183429d ago

CaseyRyback: "Sony clearly had to bring this out in response to the "magical" Natal" ??

Sony already had this tech ages ago

Look at around 0:30 and you will see it uses body movements.

Christopher3429d ago

DEfinitely fluff, but it looks like Sony is pushing for a Spring 2010 release of the product with their first party games trying to integrate the control options into their upcoming games. Probably won't see a good game with it until 2011, though.

CaseyRyback_CPO3429d ago

not being negative, just saying...

Eyepet and that other dev game took drawings from the eyetoy to make them into games.. But I think sony is finally sick of M$ trying to take credit for air.

PirateThom3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

I think Microsoft's flashy demo really wowed a lot of people though and Sony coming out with a "remote" just caused people to lose sight of exactly what happened.

Natal is purely full body and large movements, It's cool technology, but what did it have to do with gaming? They showed messing around with an avatar, painting, a very cumbersome looking ball breaker demo and a virtual kid. Natal is cool technology, but ask yourself, could you really picture yourself playing with Milo or painting an elephant? Would you rather play a driving game with a wheel or Natal?

Sony's presentation may have looked shabby and thrown together, but from a technology standpoint, it deserves a lot of credit. Every single thing they showed was real time and running on a PS3. The PS Eye allows headtracking, the remotes have lights for status changes (the fireball example) plus further tracking and, while the guys weren't ready, they actually showed a lot of practical gaming applications.

Don't get me wrong, Natal is by far the more impressive tech, but what part of that presentation was related to games?

That said, I'd buy neither, regular controller for me.

Charlie_Shene3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

idk how some people want to play FPSs with Natal? Its very cool and all but their no button or anything. And all the Motion sensors seem to be pretty much the same idea but i still dont see how the fit into Hardcore gaming. I like the good Solid non-motion sensing controller

ALL_STAR_283429d ago

The prototype was fugly.... hope they turn it into a sexy looking device by the final version.

nightfallfilms3429d ago

Fanboys just cant give credit were credit is due. That goes for Xbox fanboys and Sony fanboys. You guys try to down play each companies tech. The precision of Sony's controller was great with lots of game uses clearly shown, as far as what MS showed with Natal its just the tip of the iceberg anyone who is not a fanboy and has an imagination can see the possibilities.

IdleLeeSiuLung3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

For real? The darn thing wasn't much different than the Wii Motion Plus except it required a camera to track motion.

The precision was nice, but still Nintendo showed of the Wii Motion Plus last year which hopefully means we will get it this year with games.

menoyou3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Sony's motion controls are clearly ahead of the competition. This is real 1 to 1 gameplay and it worked extremely well, even in a live prototype demonstration. Combine this awesome prototype gameplay we saw with the amazing PS3 developers and you can imagine the possibilities.

I hope Microsoft's Natasha ends up working as planned too.

Nintendo is being left in the dust,


Am i the only one who likes holding a controller when playing a game?

Seriously, it'll feel weird without one, games won't FEEL like games anymore.

When motion sensing takes over, i stop gaming.

Megatron083429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Only the dumbest of fanboys would agree with this article. This is a direct rip off of the wii. This was already failed once for sony you'd think they would learn.

The tech in the natal is just sick. 1st off you dont even need a controller. 2nd it scan any item you show it. 3rd it has facial recognition and voice recognition. The milo demo for this was just insane.

Honestly I hate motion controller but natal is extremely impressive with what it can do.

Charlie_Shene I agree I'd feel pretty standin in front of a screen with making a gun with my fingers goin "bang" (this is how the showed for a fps in a demo). However if you could scan in weapons to use that might be kind of cool. It be costly as hell and they really only show it scanning flat items.

C_SoL3429d ago

3d graphics = are a match made in heaven.

cmrbe3429d ago

they are going to get you!.

Silellak3429d ago

Something people seem to be forgetting about the "Motion Wars":

Doppy3429d ago

I agree Sony's motion controller seemed better than the Wiimote.

Now project Natal vs. PS3. Project Natal seems like the PS Eye, with more developer support. The tech demo for the PS Eye like Eyedentify looked amazing, but it never came out. I would like to see if Sony could compete with project Natal with the PS Eye if they get more developer support. E3 didn't have as many huge announcements as I expected, but there are 2 other gaming conventions coming in the next couple of months.

Project Natal seems like it could really define the next generation of consoles, because I don't think it will really come out with a huge presence on the Xbox 360. If it does then this generation of consoles will last until 2014 instead of 2012 (the later is when I believe the next Xbox console will come out).

The PS3 already has the PS Eye, and now their taking a huge blow to the Wii. The only thing is if it's too late to put a damper on the Wii.

Both Sony and Microsoft displayed great tech.

Gamertags3429d ago

Such a rough prototype Sony only showed it because MS dropped the megaton bomb. I happen to agree with journalist and gamers all over the world, it was the Natal that has blown everyone away.

thewhoopimen3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

The possibilities are always endless when you have no "real" world application to demonstrate with *cough* *cough* Natal.

Sony's got the right direction with practical motion control in gaming. It has to be 1 to 1. Period. You guys can all talk about what this motion control scheme from this company or that can or can't do, but BOTTOM LINE FOR GAMING:

EXACTING RESPONSE IS KING. Forget all the fancy setups or extra features. People want Motion control that works. That's it.

Both Natal and Wii Motion plus don't have it yet. Only the sony implementation comes closest.

Take my word on that.


Sony won't rush this motion control thing. I can't care less considering all I have seen for motion control possibilities as far as today, but if you guys love so much motion control, you should be glad sony (and also MS as far as I know, which don't have a release date) is taking its time.

Rushing this generation is responsible for 360 majordesign problems, PS3 standard control change, Wii motion control hardware add-on to properly do what it was supposed to do already. And I won't even venture further into software.

I think we have already enough headaches with rushing. It will be ready when it's ready, and for me it's ok. They wouldn't have good games for it now and I really can't increase much more my gaming time and budget.

SL1M DADDY3429d ago

1:1 ratio in motion capture. That is why the Sony demo won in terms of true motion capture. It was the only one that proved it could be done.

Marceles3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

lol @nightfall and megatron

Seriously...what's the point of you guys coming to N4G and reading the comments if you're gonna comment "you fanboys blah blah"? Are you guys new?

Natal was cool, but the stuff demoed was stuff the PSEye can do.

The 2 commercial videos of Milo and the family doing all the crazy stuff was cool, but they were videos of simulated demos. They weren't demoed in front of a live audience because I'm sure there's ALOT of kinks to iron out. The possibilities are nice, but all they did was talk about the possibilities, they didn't demo anything new. Basically the 360 is getting its own PSEye so far. And please don't pitch me about being able to move the 360 interface with your body, that's hardly something to go ape over.

You have to be crazy to not see the difference between PS3's technology and Wii's technology. All you guys saw were a wand with a button and automatically thought "Wii" and walked out of the room.

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PirateThom3429d ago

The demo was very amusing, but it's in such an early stage I wonder if Sony would even have shown it had they not alloted all that time to it?

lloyd_wonder3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Yeah. It did seem a little wierd at first until they started showing the 1:1 sword fighting and arching footage.

Looked ace.

MoonlightProwler3429d ago

The first couple minutes were awkward. I could feel how nervous that guy was. Then it got amusing.

Nanisimo3429d ago

But xboxers are not going to belive this. PS Motion Controller is the most accurate we've ever seen, and that's true whatever Steven Spielberga says

Jim Hawking3429d ago

I have a degree in computer science and computer vision and I can tell you for a fact, some of the things that the natal wants to do is impossible with one camera. Natal can tell where your hands and feet are, which is cool, but in terms of actual 3d tracking, it is scientifically impossible to do with any less then 3 cameras (although you can fudge it with 2).

Essentially you are interacting with the games with your silhouette. Any fine detailing will be almost impossible since if your silhouette crosses itself it will get confused. There may be some neat apps but any hardcore gaming aps is going to be very hard to do. Aiming will be impossible since you can detect the arc of the shot using a silhouette.

Sony's tech is a smart combination of the Wii and the Natal. It grants 3d positioning with the controller, controls with the buttons, and tracking with sensors and the camera, so more detail is possible. Sorry, but the Natal has some fundamental problems.

Christopher3428d ago

Thank you Jim. It's hard to find others here with heads on their shoulders rather than just fanboy blinders. It all comes down to practicality and use, and Sony's methodology is easier to implement due to specific points of tracking rather than, using your terminology, silhouettes that can overlap and lack a 3d depth. The performance of specific actions requires a controller as well, such as turning on a flash light, firing a gun, or putting a car in reverse.

xbotpleasefixme3429d ago

you're wrong writer of this article and some trolls will come here to prove it just wait ;)

theKiller3429d ago

just look what they do, when they do things they do it right and use innovation combined with high tech technology!!!

the 360 NATAl is not much different than eye toy!!!

so basically PlayStation Motion Control defeated both wii motion plus and natal!!!!

its a win win for ps3 owners!!!

Johnny Rotten3429d ago

The Wii's was an add-on.
The Xbox's was a glorified Eyetoy.
and the PS3's resembled something you'd find at a sex store, if only it had rumble. lol

Christopher3429d ago

I'd also agree with this :p

Hopefully they can turn the look into something less dorky.

Information Minister3429d ago

And all of them are unholy abominations set out to destroy gaming as we know it and replace it with a silly mini-game waggle fest of idiotic proportions.