E3 09; Vidzone set to release 11th of June

PS3 Attitude writes: "We were hoping for news of the service to come out of the Sony E3 conference, and it didn't, but luckily Sony Europe has just announced separately that Vidzone will finally launch next week on the 11th of June.

Vidzone is an online music video service free for the PS3 and we have got really excited after watching recent hands-on experiences from both Gamespot and CVG."

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taco_tom2373429d ago

i hope this comes to the us

jay23429d ago

Give my th ing video store you kers!

Nelson M3429d ago

The Full Back Catalogue of Backstreet Boys Videos

Simon_Brezhnev3429d ago

well im just going to log into my europe name to get this :)

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