Rumor: Fat Princess Squeezing Her Way Onto The PSP

Lost among the mountain of new PSP games in Sony's E3 press conference, Fat Princess made a brief appearance squeezed onto the smaller screen of the PSP. Was this a sneaky announcement of a PSP version of Fat Princess? For now we will classify this as a rumor until it is confirmed by our E3 team.


Looks like the title is "Fat Princess: A Fistful of Cake", and it is listed in Sony's press release for games they are showing at E3. Brilliant!

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Pennywise4494d ago

Squeeze your way onto the PSN already.

decimalator4494d ago

According to the EU PS.Blog, the PS3 version is coming in June. I'm waiting to hear more about the PSP version. If it's anything like Pixeljunk titles it could be several months before it makes its way to PSP.

Hellsvacancy4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

I only played it a few times (please dont think im knockin it) just occurred 2 me i could of gave it away cozthere seems 2 b sum interest in it - i didnt wot it was - untill now

It was fun though wot i played of it

ThanatosDMC4493d ago

I need to feed that fat... ummm... princess! I cant wait!

Lifewish4494d ago

would be an interesting title for the PSP.

qface644494d ago

is this even really a rumor?

i could have sworn they showed it for the psp when they did the psp games hilight

crck4494d ago

It could have just been an error when cutting the footage together. Last year they showed Valkyria Chronicles during the PSP montage as well.

SL1M DADDY4493d ago

It is coming to the PSP later this year.

decimalator4494d ago

I'm loving the rebirth of the PSP this year. There are sooo many new games coming out, and even better... PSP trophies!

Kamikaze1354494d ago

There was an E3 trailer for it.

decimalator4494d ago

A very likely rumor given the trailer, but until I get some definitive word back from Sony I'm still classifying it as rumor. But yeah, more than likely it's real.

Sangria4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

Because last year at E3 2008, there was a trailer from Sony showing PSP games, just like they did, and it was showing Valkyria Chronicles. But Valkyria Chronicles never released and was never planned on PSP, and Sony apologized for their mistake few days later.
So it is legitimate to say that Fat Princess on PSP is a rumor (that may be confirmed after all).

Mcrmarcher4494d ago

Yea the psp has a really strong line up this year, a good job by sony.

OmarJA4494d ago

Agree even better then the 360's, that's crazy.

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The story is too old to be commented.