Microsoft's new X-Box motion sensor adds to crowded history of motion control in games

Microsoft pulls a rabbit out of a hat with their new Natal Xbox motion controller, and we get flashbacks of Nintendo's Power Glove and shonky 90s virtual reality

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The General3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

This is innovative but add-ons if not bundled with the console don't usually do well. So I can see this failing. In fact, I believe that Microsoft knew that Sony's presentation was going to be amazing (their motion technology demonstration was just phenomenal) so Microsoft rushed to present this on the floor. Their exclusives are not exclusive but also appear on the PS3 and PC so they needed something to add essence to their presentation. It worked. The 360 owners fell for it.

Smart gamers and people however, know the truth and read in between the lines. That's why I could see the more effective use of Sony's motion devices in games. I would rather hold a tangible object while playing games than to hold a "air bat" while trying to hit a virtual ball.