Thoughts on Sony's E3 Spectacle [NBS]

Nothing But Shooters (NBS) writes: "Sony's E3 Press Conference has concluded and as expected, it was filled to the brim with exciting announcements - which included the unveiling of yet another motion controller.

Additionally, there were a number of demonstrations and bits of news that shooter fiends will find appealing - those will be the focus of this summation."

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Gamertags3423d ago

but still way better than Nintendo's! Lets not compare Sony's to MS's though. I think the fanboys would freak out more than they already have been!

The End!

Also Forest, your momma is calling you!

hatchimatchi3422d ago

could have been better? what more do you want? lol


that press conference was out-effing-standing.

I cannot wait for mod nation racers, i know how awesome the little big planet community is and i can only imagine the race tracks that this game's community will come up with. It's gonna be awesome.

shazui1233422d ago

didnt need to be my friend. Was better than their direct competitions E3 : microsoft