Sony Hits Many Highlights at E3 (Recap)

Sony took the stage Tuesday during E3 to announce a laundry list of games. Some of the most impressive were on the PSP and the recently announced PSP Go! There are several exclusives, new IPs, and the suddenly popular motion control. Also know that the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves beta starts tonight, at midnight. Let me just say that God of War III looks sick.

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Forrest Gump3426d ago

Many hits for Sony today,and to think people actually doubted they could outdo Microsofts B- conference.

FamilyGuy3424d ago

I agree that Sonys conference was better (personal opinion)
But if you gave M$ conference a B- this year what would you give their last years conference!? LMAO

I thought they (M$) had a good show, but a lot of it was taken away by there most talked about revealing being only in an Alpha stage (staged some parts, trailer obviously fake and the contorted avatar of that sunglass wearing turd) and their rejoiced about Metal Gear spin-off title was not only spit in the face of by kojima himself the very next day, it was also revealed to be multiplatform.

Those things took A LOT away from M$ conference.