E3: Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots

Here are new 9 official Gran Turismo 5 screens for you all to check out. One of them shows the damaged Subaru.

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Forrest Gump3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Looks like MAGIC

Marcello3423d ago

That damage looks very realistic but wat else did you expect from PD.

I got a horrible feeling due to fact all we got was a trailer and not a word else said that we are prob looking at a late 2010 release. Like last year we got a GOW3 & MAG trailer & not much else said until this year where they both were given a full presention, i hope to god i am wrong but Sony wouldnt just give us a trailer at E3 and then release it months later, they must have E3 2010 in mind for the full presentation :/

Uncle Rico3423d ago

I like the realism of the dents...the chipping of the paint and so on...very neat

CaseyRyback_CPO3423d ago

You can see the light bulbs.

Marcello3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Yea Casey insane is the right word & thats the reason we still arent playing it or even have a date.

Something i forgot to mention that i found very odd, Kazunori Yamauchi was there on stage so why didnt he get to introduce the trailer for GT5? plus he did not look at all happy & couldnt wait to get off stage. My guess is maybe there has been a bust up between him and Sony of some sort cos he really did look cheesed off.

Also wasnt it Sony who told the press not to ask him about GT5? this is all very odd indeed.

Uncle Rico3423d ago

Maybe he wanted to blow us away thinking we wouldnt bother to ask.

RememberThe3573423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

It wasn't perfect. Now it is.

@solideagle1: It's probably going to be a while. I keep checking but it's taking them forever to post the video. Sony put the 2008 press conference on the PSN last year and I'd expect them to do the same this year.

But if anyone does have a link to the press conference I'd love to get it as well.

solideagle13423d ago

off topic: can someone please give me the direct link of HD Sony E3 press conference to download?? because last night i could not watch it because lights went off from 12:00 and 12:30 was the starting time i think...and still in the morning it was not there at my home like consecutive 8 hours.....transformer please i m thriving to see the full press conference and i have heard that sony motion sensing device sucks??

on topic: gran turismo is the pioneer so dont expect it would downplay itself.


boodybandit3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

shhhhhh. Please stop. Really Duh, El Zorro and the rest of the haters are going to stroke if you don't stop.
Please don't do that to them. ;)
They are in complete denial that their game somehow compares to this masterpiece.

andyo133423d ago

this just obliterated everything on the 360.
also didn't i hear that this game runs at 60 fps AND 1080p!

this is an essential game for all ps3 owners.

ultimolu3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

O-O Holy Moses...
Someone slap me again. The game looks...idek. I ran out of words.

aliveinboston3423d ago

How in the hell are they pumping out those visuals through a G70 class GPU??? It's so much ahead of anything else it's got to be some kind of black magic!

It's just simply breath-taking.


Man, just looking at this photos make me wish PD make some rally game.

Not that GT isn't great, it is! And I'll buy it day one. But I like rally that much better (I actually have a bigtrail that get some mud regularly, for fun or work - I'm biologist -, the same goes for my mtb, even my car is a 4x4 SUV)

They could go with more regularity courses (GT only have speed courses that I remember, not many jumps, tight turns or natural obstacles) with lots of natural obstacles like little rivers, mud, fallen trees, dunes and what not.

Maybe even have a proper wheel control, G25 is great, now just imgine with options to go manual 4x4.

I don't even know if such a think would be possible with this level of detail and damage, considering how much of the power mud and water alone would take, but can't one guy dream?

Narutone663423d ago

GT5 do have rally, WRC, and NASCAR, which are part of the game trailer that was shown during the conference.

gaffyh3423d ago

I'm smiling now, never underestimate Gran Turismo

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PirateThom3423d ago

WRC and damage.

Gran Turismo, she is complete.

RememberThe3573423d ago

It's not complete until it's in my console.

patterson3423d ago

No doubt, I love ralley racing too and it's been understated that we'll be getting dynamic weather too + car damage. Complete!

paskowitz3423d ago

I know this is inflammatory but I have to. Forza PR guys: "We have the best looking racing game to date"... lol. Yeah at that very moment in time maybe. But this, this, takes Forza 3's graphics and says "Really good effort but sometimes giving it you best is not enough". Now beyond that I will not comment on GT5 because we have no idea what features it will have or how it will play. So there is no point comparing to Forza 3 in any other regard besides graphics. To both games credits they both look amazing and I am sure both games will be great. If you disagree with that you are a moron.

Uncle Rico3423d ago

Good point. I think Forza is still lagging a bit, because now that I see these shots, Forza doesnt look all that great..BUT... i am not putting it down. Definitely looks interesting so we shall wait to see.

Black Maverick3423d ago

I kinda feel bad for Forza. It looks great and all but it didn't even a full 24 hours to shine before GT5 stepped on it's heart. The "Definitive" racer is here now. PD should be proud of the masterpiece they've created.

soxfan20053423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

A short trailer with no gameplay footage and no release date hardly "stomps on Forza's heart". I'll be playing while you are still waiting.

Here now???? GT5 probably would be ready this year if Polyphony didn't have to rush a PSP version in time for the Go's launch. Four years of no info for Gran Turismo Mobile (it's original name), now, all of the sudden it's 4 months away from launch?

raztad3423d ago

How is a 800 cars GT rushed? PSP GT got twice as much cars as Forza. GT5 is taking long cause the modeling of a SINGLE car takes A LOT of time, and when you see those graphics you can understand why.

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Uncle Rico3423d ago

Stilll need to see what Forza 3 brings to the table

ShinMaster3423d ago

Other than pre-rendered CGI trailers? :P

Defectiv3_Detectiv33423d ago

GT5 has Formula, Rally, Drifting, and Nascar. It has GTTV where you can watch racing like the D1 championships or the world rally cup. It will also feature damage for the first time.

Not much is known about Forza yet, but the feature they seem to be pimping is the movie editor. Other than that, the graphics don't even look that spectacular, I think Shift will have better graphics.

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