NWR: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Impressions

NWR writes: "We try to avoid the term 'remake,'" said the rep at the Silent Hill booth. "We prefer the term 'reimagining.'" After playing through the short demo of Shattered Memories, I can't help but agree. There are few, if any, similarities to that old PSOne horror game here, save the infested town and omnipresent flashlight. You star, as in the original, as Harry Mason as he tried to find his daughter, Cheryl. This new version of the titular horrorscape is covered in ice, and mountains of rubble and rock spring up to block your progress to areas you're not supposed to go yet. Snow and silence envelope the town. Harry receives a phone call, and in order to hear it, you put the Wii Remote up to your ear so you can listen to the speaker. It may seem corny, but the gimmick is surprisingly effective. Static and cut-outs disrupt the voice on the other line, and Harry hangs up in frustration."

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