Kratos a Playable Character in Soul Calibur PSP

1UP said: So remember that rumor we first heard a while back that Kratos would be an unlockable character in Soul Calibur IV? And how it never materialized? Well, turns out we had the wrong version. 1UP was just checking out Soul Calibur for PSP and look what they spotted.

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Forrest Gump3517d ago

Now I have a reason to get this game.

Blaze9293517d ago

get real, becuase of Kratos? Game will be awesome to have on the go either way!

White-Sharingan3516d ago

true...yet it sill doesnt change the fact that with kratos this game kicks ass even more!

OrganicMachine3516d ago

there's a video on it on GT..

I read this announcement on Kotaku..

MajesticBeast3516d ago

megaton i said this when they announced dart vader and yoda they should really do Kratos im so gonna sue namco:P

saimcheeda3516d ago

now i definitely need this!!

deshon093516d ago

sweet that would have ben sweet if they put him in the ps3 version of the game but hay this is sweet too

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The story is too old to be commented.