New amazing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves screenshots

3 new in-game exclusive screenshots from Uncharted 2 by LusoGamer.

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Forrest Gump3426d ago


- Ghost of Sparta -3426d ago

Everyone should just skip the screenshots and watch the trailer in HD on PSN. It's like a CGI movie.

jalen2473426d ago

I agree with Ghost-of-Sparta. Also check out the Heavy Rain trailer off PSN on your HD tv; it will drop your jaw.

jack_burt0n3426d ago

i just watched the q an a on gamespot it is INCREDIBLE literally ASTOUNDING

Final_Aeon3426d ago

It's good to see Naughty Dog didn't just dump all of the memorable supporting cast from the first game - Eddy comes to mind. The new Trailer looks sick but I want to see the helicopter chase in it's full HD glory on my TV, so I'm hoping Sony will fix us up with that gameplay trailer soon as well.