GameSpot: LittleBigPlanet PSP Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "The PSP Go was only officially announced today, but Sony is wasting no time in letting this year's E3 attendees get their hands on it. Sprinkled liberally throughout the dozens of PSP stations at Sony's sizeable E3 booth are a number at which the PSP Go (which we found surprisingly comfortable, even when using the oddly-positioned analog nub) is being used to showcase upcoming games. One of those games, which we had an opportunity to check out, is LittleBigPlanet."

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killa916063425d ago

Im sold if it has Infrastrutucre on LBP PSP

Rainstorm813425d ago

They have finally convinced me to get a PSP. The PSP Go! is sleek and i will have to get one come october the game line up coming for it is great now i can finally play chains of olympus.

Tee7soo3425d ago

i didn't play lbp in the ps3
but i hope that i can play it in my psp
cant wait !

spunnups3425d ago

do you have a ps3? if so, what are you waiting for?

zoneofenders3425d ago

WHY? you dont own a PS3?
what's that KZ2 avatar?

bob saget remix3425d ago

I don't see why they wouldn't. Unless there working on LBP 2!

Carl14123425d ago

Nah, it's being made by Studio Cambridge. MM is heavily involved though

40cal3425d ago

I went to GameStop after watching the ass kicking that Sony laid down today and reserved my copy of LBP for the PSP. They have it listed for 12/08/2009, but we all know that GameStops dates change all the damn time.

Metal Gear, Gran Turismo, the new Resident Evil, and Assassins Creed with PS3 connectivity will all make there way to my PSP along with Fianl Fantasy VII and Dissidia.

I have a 3000 and will be getting the GO! It sucks that I cant trade in my old PSP because I have a ton of stuff on UMD, but oh well I guess. With the GO! being way more portable and having Bluetooth I just gotta have it.

ButterToast3425d ago

There are way too many great games making there way to PS3/PSP. I might get the PSP go when it goes down in price. I have PSP-3000 so I don't think I need a PSP go just yet I also like physical media over digital.

that being said I'd probably just buy a Wii insted of the PSP go seeing as they are the same price and all.

LordMarius3425d ago

Where are the Final Fantasy costumes? Its been almost a year now

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